Pearl Earrings The Best Gift For Your Lady Love

For many guys, anniversaries may be quite stressful. It is a time of high expectations and suspense. Why? It could get quite suspenseful because your partner might worry that you have forgotten that memorable day. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Considering how demanding life could get, many guys have found themselves on the receiving end of some industrial-grade drama when they get caught up in their schedules and didn’t remember their anniversaries. Supposing you don’t forget what day it’s, your concentration then switches over to expectations.

Picking the ideal anniversary gift requires a lot of second-guessing and hand wringing worry. Will she love it? Will my gift display just how much I care? Will my gift break the bank? So many thoughts cross many guys’ minds as they finally pull the trigger and go with a particular present. Next comes the present unwrapping or giving. It is anyone’s guess at this point. Frequently, guys will get a boring ‘thanks’ or ‘I like it’ but her eyes say otherwise. If you want to successfully overcome the double whammy identified above, consider giving your significant other pearl jewelry. Particularly, offer her an attractive radiant pair of pearl earrings.

Pearls signify maturing relationships

Unlike most other gems and jewelry pieces, pearls are all-natural. Unlike diamonds, it does not take thousands of years and tons of pressure to make a pearl. What is needed is some sand and an oyster. When an oyster gets a bit of sand or perhaps a tiny pebble trapped in its shell, the oyster’s soft-tissue body will get quite irritated. To cope with the sand or pebble, the oyster produces a fluid called nacre which coats the irritating foreign item. As time passes, the oyster continues secreting nacre over the previous layer and what began as a small pebble or couple of grains of sand grows into a wonderful pearl.

There’s a poetic quality to this organic gem’s beginning-from an inconvenient and irritating annoyance, it develops into a thing of pure beauty. Perhaps a small amount of that change is found in your relationship? Things that would once annoy you about each other are now inside jokes between you two? Maybe giving pearls for anniversaries is a great way to signify the fact that the things that used to annoy you about each other at the moment are things you cannot leave without?

Akoya pearls are very versatile

Thanks to modern pearl culture, what took random chance and lots of years to make can be produced frequently. Cultured pearls begin with beads placed into oysters. One particularly nice-looking culture pearl will be the Akoya pearl. These pearls are produced when oysters discovered mostly in China and Japan are beaded. What sets these pearls apart is their flexibility. They go with pretty much any women’s outfit. From rugged jeans to smart casual to office formal to formalwear, you could constantly find a pearl piece which will not only complement the outfit but complete it as well.

Akoya pearl earrings, for instance, are excellent since they come in different dimensions, shapes, and colours. This variety alone guarantees that whatever outfit she’s wearing, your pearl gift may manage to keep up. In addition, most pearl earrings stick to a classic and simple design. This means your gift will not be stashed in a dresser drawer somewhere because tastes and styles alter. Talk about a gift that stays in style! Show your spouse, girlfriend, or special friend how much you care today and give her pearl earrings.