Planting And Replanting In Different Soil Systems

The list of flower seeds which can be planted now is a long one. Final selections are up to you. These are always good : calendulas, snapdragons, stocks, scabiosas, sweet peas, Canterbury bells, cornflowers and Unwin dwarf dahlias for sunny spots. In the shade rely on fibrous begonias, lobelias, flowering tobacco, cynoglossums and cinerarias.

Start tuberous begonias in fiats of peat moss, placing the top of each tuber level with the surface. For large pot specimens space the tubers 6 inches apart in the flat. This permits them to develop large, vigorous root systems and they can be moved directly into the 8 or 10-inch pots in which they are to flower. But, be sure to lift the tubers out carefully after they have a good root system and with the soil clinging to the roots. If you intend to set the begonias in the garden use 4-inch pots instead. In the meantime, cinerarias will continue to give color to shaded beds and will have finished blooming by the time you replant the beds with the tuberous begonias.

Set out Delphiniums – Plant either seedlings or field grown clumps. The new hybrids are available in many beautiful tones and produce handsome exhibition blooms. Give them full sun and a rich soil at the backs of borders where their height can be enjoyed. On the State Capitol grounds at Olympia, Washington, last year a brilliant effect was achieved by using an edging of scarlet verbenas with deep blue delphiniums. Slugs and snails like delphiniums so much they go great distances to eat them! Protect the young plants by scattering metaldehyde pellets or other poisoned bait.

Cut back, repot Fuchsias now – Shake most of the dirt from the roots before replanting and use a mixture of three-fourths rich loam and one-fourth well-rotted cow manure. Geraniums, marguerites and other ornamental potted plants may be handled in the same way.

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