Quantum Biofeedback Device – SCIO Machine –

Vitality is the results of the interconnectedness of the physical, psychological, emotional and Non secular states of existence, any of which can notice the results of nourishment, hydration, reinforcement, exercise, stress, sickness, conflict, shock, emotional issues and almost anything more you can think of. 

When the body is in balance, everything you do to support your wellbeing works even better ( chiropractic, acupuncture, yoga, exercise, additions, and such like.  ) The QXCI SCIO is a up to the minute excited Potential Bio-Feedback System that scans bodies ( like Norton or McAffee scans hard drives ) hunting for vitality-robbing bad guys.  The QXCI SCIO subjects your body to over ten thousand frequencies ( in three mins ) and then measures your answer to those frequencies for vitamin levels, amino acids, nutriments, food substances, minerals, enzymes, sugar, poisons, hormone levels, muscles tone, illness, bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses.  It even tests the health and balance of your vital organs and resets the energy and balance of your chakras!  After it compares your body’s responses to the “norm;’ the disparities are prioritized.  At about that point, the expert can select which inequalities to address.  On selection, the QXCI SCIO feeds frequencies into the body to redress or neutralize the damaging frequencies ( wave patterns ) causing the absence of vitality or the sickness.  These delicate energy adjustments revive the body to a state of balance.  Released in the Innerchange Mag December 2004 / Jan 2005 issue. 

Quantum Reflex research is a kinesiology based tool used to check twenty-two body and brain points and decide if each point is on ( fully functional ) or off ( not entirely functional ).  We are able to then define which supplement and what dose will revive the point to totally functional. 

I use only Premier Research Lab additions as they’re 100 PC sure to be pure, beyond organic, poison free, and once living plant based additions whose bio-resonance is compatible to that of the body. 

Peggy is available for private consultations as well as individual and group demonstrations.  She is going to be ready to also aid healing practitioners or private folks with the purchase of a EPFX SCIO system.