Responsibilities of a Freight Forwarding Company

Freight forwarders perform a major purpose in business and worldwide shipping of goods. They act as agents for individuals or organisations, importers and exporters alike, to arrange smooth, safe and most economical methods of shipping products.

A professional freight forwarder Perth orchestrates the finest possible way of local or worldwide transport while considering the kind of cargo and delivery demands of each and every clientele. They deliver different services depending on how large or small the company is, whether operating in a local, country wide or international range.

The responsibilities of a freight forwarder rely largely on the type and scale of specific forwarding firms but frequently include the following:

-They explore and plan the best and suitable route for the movement of goods, giving meticulous focus on whether goods are subject to spoiling, delicate and/or dangerous. They also consider the cost, safety and fast transit period of packages.

-They arrange proper packaging, warehousing and transportation considering the weight and type of goods, climate, terrain and cost.

– They are responsible for arranging, assessing and securing necessary documentation with regards to packing requirements, and in compliance with legal and customs guidelines of the country of origin as well as of other countries.

– They offer consolidation of freights through sea, air and road transport, making certain of the most secure and cost-effective transport methods.

– They work with third party shipping companies for the transfer of goods from one place to another (air or sea vessels, trucks or trains) to comply with the distinct needs and demands of the exporter/importer.

– They prepare cargo insurance serving as agents for their clients and assisting them should there be an unexpected event of a claim. It is a respectable practice for freight forwarders to suggest to their clients to secure insurance coverage on a gratis basis.

– They can give their clients customized IT solutions and EDI/electronic data interchange connections for quick and clear communication.

– They coordinate payment of freight charges, local taxes and other payable on the clients’ behalf to make sure deadlines are met.

– They gather up parcel cargo from all shippers which often times are also freight forwarders, and put together cargoes for transport to respective recipients and destinations.

– They give clients real-time tracking and/or monitoring of their freight through modern internet technology as well as satellite systems.

– They maintain clear communication with the importer/exporter throughout the delivery process, and supply proper statistical, unit cost analysis and management reports.

– They also serve as consultants with regard to customs queries.

– They collect current and relevant information like political situations and legislation that could impact the movement or transport of freight.