Ringtones, Realtones and Truetones

Did it ever happen to you that you were in a public place and you got a call that not only you but several other people reach for there mobile phone because they have the same ringtone? This is very annoying and I think you should try everything to not let this happen again, dare to be different and get a customised ringtone.

As everybody knows new ringtones are not cheap but if you look for the right websites you can find mobile content that is also available for your budget. Make sure that you download the newest ringtones on your mobile phone.

More mature people just have a simple ringtone just to know when they receive a call or message. For younger people it much more than just a sound, it’s letting others know what kind of music you like, witch band or artist and especially witch hit of the moment. If your phone has the coolest realtones you are the man, every teenager likes cool ringtones nowadays. Just give it a try and you will see how people will react when they hear your ringtone.

There are a lot of websites where you can listen to a preview before ordering the funniest truetones, in this way you make sure that you are not spending a lot of money on something that is not what you actually want. Make sure you update them frequently because other people will do the same as you so you will not be unique anymore.

Customising your ringtones on your mobile phone is cool and hopefully you will be the only one that reaches for his phone the next time you are in a public place.