Road Bike Your Way to Awesome Health

I to be healthy, but I am sick of the gym. The treadmill, the weights, the ab benches, the odors, everything just makes me feel icky. The sad thing is I know I have to do some type of exercise to be fit. While eating well aids me, I still need to exercise in some way, shape or form. It would be Shangri-la for that activity to take place in a area other than a gym or infront of a television. That’s when a good buddy of mine spoke with me about road bikes. Embarrassingly, I first thought he was speaking about motorcycles. I mean, I never heard the different divisions of bikes. Then he corrected me of what he meant…Lance Armstrong category of bicycles. Keep in mind, that up to this point the only bicycles I’ve ever owned have been a Huffy and a mountain bike that I think was a Raleigh. He chose to let me test ride a pre-owned road bike and I fell in love! No, not with him or the bicycle, rather with road biking. The outdoors, the terrain, the variety of hills and straight-aways. Occasionally enjoying the breeze blowing against my face and then points in time hoping I had one pulling me up a hill. It was a welcomed distraction and ambitious. I was in control and it was a good experience. I chose how far to ride and where to explore. No gym trainer yelling at me or some gym-goer waiting to see when I am done with my workout. It was tranquil and ridiculous at the same moment. I felt all my muscles executing like a instrument and I knew that the next day could kick my butt, but it was so worth it! That is when I established that it was time for me to dive in and go and buy a discount road bike.

Once I chose to purchase a road bicycle, I knew I had to do some exploring. Legwork is always a awesome thing when you are going to make a decent size purchase. There are a variety of brands out there and I want to make sure I purchase the bike best for me.Admitting that I am a novice, I have to stick to a budget. Kestrel has a wide options of road bikes. Purchasing a discount Kestrel road bikes would be perfect for my savings account and for my worry. Nothing like a high quality bike at a figure I can manage.

Now that the bike is all reviewed, purchasing all the additional accessories should be a snap! I can ultimately relax while working out and my surroundings are infinite.