Save Money with Shift Scheduling Software

As a manager, scheduling shifts is a necessary part of your line of work. Even with this fact, does that mean you have to work hard to do your schedule every single week? Scheduling your employees should be something that you do not have to give much thought or effort into. While spread sheets are an option, it often takes a class to learn all the ins and outs of any spread sheet program. Using shift scheduling software, you save time, money, and your own sanity. The intuitive user interface is designed for easy access.

With a click of your mouse, shift scheduling software will give you a schedule which can be presented right away to employees and bosses alike. Statistics is an important part of any shift scheduling software, and ours is the quickest and easiest to use. With limited time to use, shift scheduling software takes less than an hour to setup and learn the ins and outs of – putting you behind the wheel of a powerful piece of software in less time than it takes to learn how to drive.

Employees can have their shifts automatically emailed or sent by text to them. Employees can also bid for other shifts that are unwanted or inconvenient for other staff. In general the time taken to produce a schedule is reduced massively. Furthermore the system can remind employees of their shifts by sending a text message or email a couple of hours before the shift begins. Staff really enjoy the ability to manage their shifts from their home computer rather than contacting their manager.