Search Engine Marketing Edinburgh

Search Engine Marketing Edinburgh:  This post explains the importance of Search Engine Marketing to Edinburgh companies who wish to developed and maintain a profitable Web presence.

Why hire a search engine marketing consultant anyway?

Firstly let’s look at the reasons for hiring a search engine marketing consultant and how an Edinburgh based business can benefit from this partnership.  The main goal of search engine marketing is to promote your website through increased visibility on search engines like Google, NSN and Yahoo! In doing so, your marketing message, your products and your services become accessible to a massive reservoir of potential customers who use search engines on a daily basis to research, locate and buy.

Less than 1 in 10 websites are doing it right

Research associated with web marketing reveals that approximately 60% of all websites online are commercial. Yet, less than 10% of these have taken the appropriate steps to make the Internet work for them. Successful websites share a lot in common including accessible design, compelling copywriting, usable navigation and site structure, and a strong brand identity. The point is, Search Engine Marketing does much more than just increased rankings and traffic; it necessarily includes techniques designed to better convert that traffic into cash spending customers, sales leads or opt-ins.

Search engines and search engine rankings are only a means to an end… it’s what visitors do once they get to your site that really matters.

Measurable results

One of the greatest benefits search engine marketing offers Edinburgh Companies over most other advertising and marketing channels is that results are easily measurable. Through web analytics, companies are able to see exactly how many conversions (sales, leads, opt-ins, downloads etc) they’ve driven, along with revenue generated and ROI. It’s every marketer’s dream!

Analytics is an essential search engine marketing tool and should be provided by your search engine marketing consultant if your webmaster has not set them up already.

Talk to a Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Search Engine Marketing offers a realistic solution for Edinburgh companies who need to raise their online visibility. So, talk to an Edinburgh Search Engine Marketing Consultant soon about converting your website into a highly profitable business asset that engages your customers, extends product reach and raises brand awareness.