Should You Use Imitation Home Security Items Instead Of The Genuine Article

The prices on home security items can seem quite high at times. A nice set of surveillance cameras can cost well over a thousand dollars and alarm systems can be just as costly. As a result of this, a lot of folks have chosen to spend the little money they have on phony home security items. These people probably go to bed wondering if they’ve made the right decision. Can a fake home security item be as good as the genuine article?

I wrote this article to talk abut both fake and real home security items you can take advantage of. We’ll go over the three main real and fake home security items. I’ll even talk about the advantages and disadvantages of using the false items over the real deal.

The phony home alarm sign is one of the top selling fake home security items on the market. Rather than purchase a real alarm system, some have decided just to buy a sign that says they have one. These signs can act as a deterrent because criminals will fear that an alarm will go off when they break into the house. People assume that all an alarm will do is deter the criminal anyway. They feel that the alarm will only sound off and nobody but the homeowner will hear it.

This is not the case though. A good burglar alarm is monitored by a security company. One look at list of cellular alarm system for homes will show you just how much an alarm system can do for you. It will alert the authorities, it will alert you, and it will even let your neighbors know that you may be in trouble.

Also, getting the actual alarm system is going to save you more money than buying the fake sign. Most real alarm systems will give you a free sign, and your homeowner’s insurance will pay for the monthly cost of your alarm system. Just find a good alarm system blog and be sure to ask your insurance company what their discount rate is. If they don’t offer one – switch companies.

The next fake home security item that people like to get is the fake surveillance camera. Once again, this is used as a deterrent Folks hope that criminals will fear being on tape and will leave rather than invade. Unfortunately, phony cameras can’t actually record what is going on. Not only this, but a phony security camera might tempt people to break into your home. This is because people with cameras tend to have something valuable in their homes. Thieves will just come back with a mask so they don’t have to worry about the cameras.

Real cameras provide you with a line of site of the criminals invading your home. They can help you avoid a confrontation with the intruder and can help you identify the criminals later. My recommendation is to either get a real camera or to just go without one.

Another fake item people like to use is the fake, “Beware Of Dog”, sign. This sign is a deterrent because criminals are afraid of being bitten by a dog when they invade. For some people, this might be more useful than having an actual dog. The reason for this is that dogs are an ongoing cost in both time and money.