Sites that Live Frugally

For most of the planet, our economy is not looking pretty. Several people are worried about their personal economics and are thinking about what they can do in a time when houses, employment and savings are disappearing. Is there a magic bullet to solve all of our problems? I wish! Rather, we have to grab ourselves by our boot straps and pick ourselves up. Even in the best of moments, having complete control of your personal finances can be a challenge.

Not many of us want to fork over our dough to some expensive advisor to tell us what to do, so we look for the only resource we know, the internet. There are a few blogs out there in that massive world that can give some light and knowledge to your life. Of course, not everyone can be a financial genius, however, they’re real people trying to make it in this big bad world. They are caring and willing to bestow their knowledge and experience so that your situation can become better and happier.

Below are just a few blogs that give some ideas to help you get on your way.

1. Frugal Blogger: Brings simultaneously a cornucopia of thoughts from frugal contributors all over the web that help you save money. Froogalers also aids your savings through their online promo codes. This way, you receive awesome advice on saving, in addition to real online coupon codes to help you save on your online purchases.

2. Money Ning: A personal finance blog that gives advice for achieving financial freedom. Focuses on subjects like saving money, frugal living and investing.

3. All Financial Matters: Website that focuses on personal finance. Everything from retirement to budgeting.

Hopefully these websites will be places you visit often. Maybe they will help you build a better financial future or even better a better a financial present filled with hope and happiness.