So Are You in the Zone (Diet that is)?

What is the Zone Diet (and some more tid-bits).

Did you know that the word ‘diet’ is actually a Greek word? YES! It means “way of life”. This diet give you the ability to control your genes. Huh? Okay, it will be explained. Because of this ability, you will feel your energy soar. Not only that, it eliminates your hunger and helps you to lose weight as well. You are the one that has the ultimate control over your wellness with the Zone Diet.

The main purpose for this diet is to maintain and balance out your hormones. It consists of low fat protein, low glycemic load carbs. These are carbs that are from fruits and vegetables. This diet helps to fight hunger and those cravings. It balances all of the essentials that your body needs. You basically consume in moderation carbohydrates, protein and then, of course, there are fats.

An even more in depth look is into what we need and what they mean. Insulin is something that our body uses to store hormones. storing too much is really bad for you, however, it is necessary to have some in your diet. There is another hormone that enables the body to release carbs and stabilizes blood sugar levels. This element is essential for mental and physical abilities. There is another hormone that controls the silent inflammation that is triggered by the insulin. The goal is to maintain and balance your hormones.

What makes People Chose Zone?

There may be more to it than merely losing weight. Some people may want to go on the diet so that they can maintain their health on a regular basis. There are a few good reasons why people chose to stay on this diet. There are positive reasons to keep to this diet because it balances many things including your mentality and fertility. It is in the hormones that seem to make our bodies function. Well, if that alone is not enough to convince you to become a Zone Dieter, maybe you can gain inspiration from famous people like Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Tiger Woods, Renee Zellwenger and even Tom Cruise. They have all faithfully followed this trendy diet.

There is Always Going to be the Pros and the Cons in Any Diet.

A major con if that the Food and Drug Administration does not condone this diet. They are not for it because of the fact that the diet is high in protein and there is a lack of the nutrients that our bodies need. No to mention very few studies have been conducted on the long term effects of the diet. Because of the criticism from the dieters who like to eat just vegetables and vegan eaters who rely on only vegetables on a daily basis, the Zone diet can be supplemented with soy protein to accommodate our vegan friends.

As with any diet, you will have to actually take part in it to see whether or not it is the right diet for you. It is highly recommended that you consult with your doctor before trying any diet. Doctors know your body even better then you do. They will definitely know whether or not this is the right diet for you. As far as results are concerned, there is only one way that you will know for sure and that is to TRY IT for yourself!

There will always be critics but the ultimate test is what works for you. You will know this by trying the diet. Hey, if it worked for one of the fattest men in the world (who topped 1200 pounds), it may very well work for you as well. This man seems to be healthy but he cannot do normal activities because of his weight. He is on this diet and it seems to be working well for him. It is not always about appetite control but more about keeping your food cravings and hunger down to a bare minimum. Not all diets are for everyone but as it was mentioned earlier, there is no way of knowing until we try them for ourselves.

The master mind behind the diet, Dr. Sears, strives to work with each patient. He teamed up with Mexican doctors to aid in helping the obese patient. He has books written to help guide you. Each patient has his or her own individual needs and must being willing to try to lose weight and maintain it by following instructions. Reading about a diet will sometimes let us know whether or not it is for us as well.

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