Some good tips about Merino wool blankets

If you’ve ever wondered why people’s eyes light up when the name Merino is spoken, then you’ll want to check out this info to get the scoop on their famous blankets! You might have thought that wool meant a heavy, cumbersome, musty olive drab green blanket. Those days were over since Merino came on the scene. Merino blankets are produced exclusively from wool made from white sheep that were originally grown raised around Merino Spain.

Today, Merino wool is taken from sheep and lambs in Australia and New Zealand as well. The heavy fleece shorn from these lambs is of exceptional high quality and very, very very soft. The long natural fibers permit items created from this wool to be lightweight while giving you really wonderful insulating properties…some say possibly the best insulation possible in a wool blanket.

Anything produced with these extra long fibers are incredibly durable and will look great after years of use. It’ll be resistant to flame, doesn’t wrinkle easily and repels dirt naturally. What more could you ask for in blankets for your home? The best high quality wool in the world, the yarn utilized to create a genuine Merino blanket is going to be 100% from Merino sheep.

If the label indicates the product is lamb’s wool, the wool will be even softer and more luxurious. You’ll find numerous blankets created in solid hues to highlight the rich appearance of these particular wools. What about green, linen, purple, orange or deep blue for a few of your choices!

The term “hand” refers to how a fabric feels when placed in the human hand. The hand of the fabrics created from Merino wool is particularly soft and silky. These bedding products feel so really luxurious, you’ll want nothing else! Let’s appear at several of the most popular types of blankets produced from this very special world famous wool.

Faribault Mills offers a really nifty, creative blanket produced for the couple that never can agree on temperature. Their Dual-Weight Merino Wool Blanket is woven so that one side of its fabric is twice as insulating as the other side. It has a lightweight thermal weave, the breathable blanket allows the cool-natured partner to sleep on the heavier, warmer side whilst the other partner can enjoy the lightweight, less insulating portion.

These oversized blankets are available in king and queen size and they are crafted in the United States from the finest Merino yarns. Sides are whip-stitched for style and the blankets are machine washable.

Eldridge Textile’s Victory Merino Wool Blanket is made in Italy from the finest Australian wools. The yarn is left with a slight nap to improve thermal heat retention. The wide jacquard border on all four sides of this blanket provides for exceptional wear and tear and come in some amazingly fantastic colors also!

1 favorite I wanted to mention is created by Campagnia Lane Preziose. They provides many exceptional choices in Merino items. Like their silk and lambswool blanket, which has silk borders on all four sides. Sweet! It’s readily available in a color called stone, which is almost pure white. While this 1 costs a bit a lot more simply because of the silk embellishment, the classic, elegant look makes it worth the price if you’re searching for a great compliment to the bed or even the sofa.

You’ll also find summer- weight woolen blankets and even baby blankets in a gorgeous pallet of colors that’ll just thrill you! Sure, you’ll find lots of wool blankets that are much less expensive than Merino. But if you’re searching for the exceptional softness and heirloom quality that arrive with such a blanket, then you’ll be warmly surprised at all from the selections available when you shop on the web. You have the world at your fingertips!

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