Switzerland, Turkey & United Arab Emirates Climate & Temperature Guide

In the winter the mean Switzerland temperature for December has been recoreded to be on average in the range of -0.5 and 4.5 degrees celcius. The in the spring time temperatures in Switzerland, (Geneva) record mean low values of 0.8 degrees and temp highs of 9.8 degrees celcius in the month of March. In summery June the average values for the Switzerland climate reach up to to from 11.3 to 22.2 degrees celcius and by the autumn mean temperatures tumble to the range of 10.3 and 20.8 degrees in September.

In the case of the Turkey climate in the winter average temperatures in January have a range of between 2.9 and 8.7 degrees celcius. The temperature values for the Turkey climate increase in the springtime reaching a range of 7.7 to 16.5 degrees celcius in April. Summertime is hot and in July the Turkey temperature ranges between an average minimum of 18.5 degrees and a maximum of 28.4 degrees. In the autumn Turkey temperatures begin to fall and by October the temperature range is between 12.0 and 20.1 degrees celcius.

In the winter the climate in United Arab Emirates has average temps by day peaking at 24.6 degrees celcius in February. At night time temps fall to a minimum of of 13.2 degrees. In the spring time temperatures in United Arab Emirates reach 38.4 degrees by day in May falling at night time to around 22.8 degrees celcius. Later on in August United Arab Emirates temperature averages are in the region of from 28.7 to 41.5 degrees. As the winter approaches the United Arab Emirates climate has slightly cooler temperatures. In November maximum temperatures are approximately 30.6 degrees and minimum temperatures are about 17.5 degrees on average.