Lion King At The Theatre – How You Can Get Hold Of It

So lets take a look at the story before you buy your tickets lion king london. Young Simba the lion prince is born and his evil uncle Scar is thrown back to being second in line to the throne. Unhappy with with the way his future is looking, Scar plans to kill Simba and his father, Mufasa the lion king, making himself king within the process. Young Simba survives the wicked plan however is led to imagine that his father died because of him. Devastated, he flees the kingdom and soon finds an easy untroubled life. But without a actual king, the pride of lions quickly falls on demanding times and a hero is needed to give back success.

The Lion King is an incredibly long running Westend present and is on at the Lyceum Theatre on Wellington St.. Astonishingly the musical has run sucessfully for eleven years. That length of run is a tribute to the production itself and the standard of the costumes, scenery and the excellent cast. Lion King theatre tickets are among probably the most sought after for families, although you needn’t have kids to go see it, grown ups are just as at ease watching the stage show. The lion king ticket director is Julie Taymor who also designed the Award-winning costumes. The stage of the theatre is transformed into the plains of Africa occupied by lions, giraffes, birds, zebras, hyenas and even a stampede of wildebeest!

The the lion king ticket are a must, but the Lyceum Theatre in itself has a rich historical past that may enthrall you. The Lyceum Theatre is a 2,000-seat Westend theatre. There was a theatre with this title in the vicinity since seventeen sixty five, and the present site first opened on 14th July 1834 to a design by Samuel Beazley. The construction was distinctive in that a balcony overhung the circle. It was constructed by the partnership of Peto & Grissell. The present construction retains Beazley’s façade and grand portico, however the bulk of the theatre behind the facade is more tothe 1904 design of Bertie Crewe, restored to its former theatrical use in nineteen ninety six by Holohan Architects, after a protracted interval of use as a ballroom. So in addition to the show/musical you get to see part of London Westend historical past, don’t fail to see the beauty of the Theatre itself, it could possibly enhance your Lion King experience.