Personal Injury Claims

What are the ways in which you may settle a personal injury claims? If you, or someone in your family, suffer an injury due to the negligence of another, you may claim compensation from them. There are a number of ways in which these claims may be settled between the parties involved.

Here is a look at the ways in which these matters may be resolved.

Negotiation between the involved parties: At times, the individual or organisation responsible for the accident may request for an early settlement. You may agree to it if you feel that it will resolve the matter in a quick and easy manner.

It is a good idea to seek advice and assistance from a legal adviser before you accept any offer to settle the matter. Only a solicitor has the knowledge to understand whether the amount offered is suitable for the damages you have suffered. This lack of knowledge may lead you to accept an amount that is inadequate for your damages.

The lack of negotiation skills may also be detrimental for your claim. injury solicitor proficient in handling injury claims have adequate skills for negotiating the matter with the respondent or their insurance provider.

Assessment of damages by the Injuries Board Ireland: The Injuries Board is the body you need to make the injury claim to for all road accidents, workplace mishaps and public utility accidents. The only exception is the claims involving medical negligence.

To make a claim to the Injuries Board, you need to fill in the application form and send it by post or submit it online. You also need to pay the application fee and ask your treating doctor to fill in the medical assessment form and submit it. The assessment of damages can only start after you have submitted these and the respondent has agreed to it.

The Injuries Board completes the assessment of damages based on the documents submitted by the involved parties. It may arrange for an independent medical assessment of the claimant before making a decision.

Settlement by the Court System: If there is a legal point of dispute involved in the claim, the Injuries Board cannot assess damages. In such a circumstance, it issues the letter of Authorisation to the claimant to make the claim to the Court.

If you have appointed a solicitor for the case from the beginning, for example, on a no win no fee solicitor basis, he/she may work on your behalf when your claim reaches the Court. If you are yet to get legal help, it is high time to find the right solicitors in Ireland to work on the claim. Adequate legal advice and guidance can help you work through the complex legal web.

The Court may also be involved even when the Injuries Board completes the assessment of damages. This is when the victim of an accident is a minor. In such a case, the Court must approve the amount of compensation before the Injuries Board issues the order to pay.