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How To Totally Manage Access To And From Your Residence All Of The Time

People who live alone usually have an easy time locking their doors and windows. They know that when they aren’t using the door, they will keep it locked. However, people who live with others can have a difficult time keeping their doors locked. Even if most of the house diligently locks the doors, just one person can mess everything up. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Nonetheless, there is a way to get around this. Through the use of home automation, a person can completely control their locks at all times. They can make sure that everything is locked when it needs to be locked and they can even open up the doors for their housemates while they aren’t even home.

I wrote this article to talk about the various parts of your house that you can control remotely and automatically. I’ll also tell you how automation works and how you can take advantage of it.

Security Areas of Your Home That Can Be Automated And Remote Accessed

The garage door, the front door, and the back door are the most common parts of a home that are hooked up to be remotely controlled. Garage doors can be opened and closed remotely and front and back doors can be locked and unlocked remotely and automatically. This means that responsible homeowners can check to see if their housemates have locked the doors behind them. If the doors were not locked, the homeowner can lock them up automatically.

A homeowner can even set his or her doors to automatically lock and unlock themselves. This means that people could set their doors to unlock when they come home each day. The advantage to this is that people carrying briefcases or groceries will not have to struggle to unlock their doors when they get home.

Security systems can also be setup to turn on automatically each day. A homeowner with a steady routine can tell his or her alarm system to arm itself as soon as the homeowner leaves the house. This can save time each morning and ensures that the homeowner never forgets to turn the alarm system on. The Broadview reviews and the Safemart security are full of alarms with these features.

The Way Automation And Remote Control Work

When it comes to home automation and remote control access, homeowners have a few option to choose from. The primary way to setup home automation is to use the master control panel. Control panels are usually setup in a homeowner’s bedroom or near the most-used doors.

Another way to set home automation up is to use a smart phone, a tablet, or a computer. These devices will need to be networked to the master control panel or to the Internet for you to use them properly. The same rule also applies to those wanting to use their devices to remotely access their home.

A person can remotely access all of their properly setup security features through their smart phones, tablets, and computers even when they are away from home. As long as these devices are online, a person has full access to his or her home.

How To Monitor Your House All Of The Time

It would be great if everybody could afford to have a twenty four hour guard posted on their home. Of course, it would also be great if their weren’t any crime and guards weren’t needed. However, these two things will most likely never happen. Some people do keep watch over their homes at all times however. Between proper use of old strategies and the proper use of new technologies, a person really can watch over their home at all times of the day.

In this article I’ll tell you how you can keep an eye on your home at all times. Throughout this article, I’ll give you the exact techniques millions of people use to keep an eye on their homes. Read through this article, apply the tips suggested, and your home will be much safer than its ever been before.

First of all, you have to get yourself a burglar alarm. Even if you don’t spend much time in your home, you will eventually have to go to sleep. Your home alarm system can alert you to any danger while you aren’t awake to watch out for it yourself. Once the alarm system goes off, your eyes will open, and you can then take over for it.

Even if you aren’t home, your home alarm system can help ensure that somebody is watching over your home. Get a cellular alarm system and a monitoring company can make sure your home isn’t getting into trouble. A great monitoring system can watch out for intruders and even fires. Set this system up using a best diy home alarm systems and you won’t even have to call anybody to help you set it up.

Another way to make sure somebody is always keeping an eye on your home is to cut down any trees or bushes which may be covering your windows. Move into a house with a nosy neighbor and your neighbor will watch over your home for you.

Additionally, you might want to make use of some other eyes in your neighborhood. Start a neighborhood watch and you and your neighbors can watch over each other’s houses on a regular basis. Its also a great way to meet new people and to bond with your neighbors.

If you don’t like chatting with your neighbors, you can always get a good camera system to guard over your house. A good home alarm system can be hooked up with cameras and a smart phone so that you can watch over your home even when you aren’t there. Add a microphone to this system and you can even heckle home invaders as they try to break in.

Humans eyes are great, but a dog’s eyes are even better. Get a dog and keep him in your living room while you are away and while you sleep. A dog will watch over your stuff and will bark at anybody that tries to take it. If they do get too close, your dog might even make them wish they didn’t.

Use these tips to keep an eye or two on your home and your home will be much safer.

6 Steps You Can Take To Use Your Time More Efficiently

Most folks would love to save some time each day. Sadly, a person really can’t save time at all. People can however, make better use of their time.

In this article I’ll go over my six super simple steps you can take to make better use of your time. Take these six tips and apply them to your life and you’ll find you have more time than you know what to do with. Apply all of these steps and you’ll have more time to participate in hobbies, spend time with your friends and family, and to make more money.

Step Number 1 – Plan your day out in advance.

Its been said that ten minutes of planning can save you a person up to two hours each day. Plan your entire day out before you get started and you could have an extra two hours to invest. The best way to plan out your day is to put it in writing. Write down everything you need to do each day and get started on the most important things first.

Step Number 2 – Spend some time each day working out and eating healthy.

Many people like to save time by eating fast food and skipping their workouts. Unfortunately, this only leads to a reduction in both health and energy levels. The less energy one has each day, the less he or she will be able to do each day. Also, the more unhealthy you get, the lower your lifespan will be. Invest some time into working out and eating healthy each day and you’ll get more done in less time and you’ll have a longer lifespan to enjoy.

Step Number 3 – Get a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping eight hours each night will ensure that you wake up full of energy each day. In addition to this, it will make sure your brain has proper time to digest everything you learned during the day. Studies have shown that memory improves with proper sleeping habits, so its important that you get your eight hours.

Step Number 4 – Become better at what you do.

When you’re good at what you do, you can get things done quicker. If you can get the same task done in half the time, you’ll get twice as much done each day. Not only this, but getting good at things improves moral and boosts your self-esteem.

Step Number 5 – Outsource some of your activities.

Sometimes its more efficient simply to outsource tasks to people who are better at them. Outsourcing can save you time and can often lead to you making more money.

Step Number 6 – Make use of automation tools.

Business steps can certainly be automated, but so can your personal life. Automate your emails, your HVAC system, and even your alarm system. You’ll find Protect America review and ADT review to be very helpful with helping you find a great home automation system.

Thanks for reading this article on time management. Please make use of the tips in this article and have a more productive life.

How To Make Your House Unattractive To Criminals

The world is not safe and never has been. It is impossible for a person to live in a home that is 100% safe 100% of the time. Nevertheless, a home doesn’t really need to be built up like Fort Knox for you to be safe in it. The saying, “I don’t have to be able to outrun the bear, I just have to be able to outrun the person next to me”, is just as true for home security as it is for bears. This same rule can be applied to avoiding burglaries and home invasions.

Make your home hard to break into and thieves will generally seek out neighbors or people in other towns with less home security. Each layer of home security you add to your property gives you one more advantage over the people around you.

I wrote this article to give you some tips on making your home less attractive to burglars. Take the steps outlined in this article and let somebody else worry about getting robbed.

Firstly, it is important that you have an alarm system guarding your home at all times. Alarm systems frighten criminals and warn you that unwanted guests have arrived.

You don’t have to have the wireless home alarm system reviews, but you do need to have an alarm system setup. The best step you can take is to purchase whatever you can afford and buy better systems as your income increases. Any alarm system is better than no alarm system at all. However, if money is no object, I’d suggest you go with a wireless, cellular monitored, home automated alarm system with a good service provider. This can be a professionally installed system or a DIY system. You can read more about best diy alarm systems at alarmsystemreport.com.

The next item you ought to think about is a fence. Many thieves commit crimes of opportunity. They walk by a house and they see something worth taking so they simply stroll over and try to take it. Put up a wooden fence and criminals won’t know what you have to steal.

Unfortunately, wooden fences can sometimes have the opposite effect on criminals. Criminals will see that they have a fence to hide behind and will hop over it to see what you have. For criminals such as this, you’ll want to have zone alarms setup in your yard. A zone alarm will alert you to any people lurking around your yard. These alarms will be especially useful because you’ll know that they are only be set off by people who have climbed over your fence. Homes without fences might simply have pedestrians walking a little off of the sidewalks.

After this, you’ll want to make sure you have lit up your yard nice and bright. Criminals love to strike when its dark out because they can hide under cover of darkness. Light up your yard with flood lights, solar pathway lights, and any other lighting fixtures you have access to and criminals will think twice before entering your yard.

These steps should put you way ahead of your neighbors, but this doesn’t mean you should ever stop improving. Continue to take steps to improve your home security on a regular basis and in a year or two your home security will be light years ahead of your neighbors.

Five Ideas To Make Your Home More Eco-friendly

Most people would agree that it is always better to have an Eco-friendly home over an unfriendly one. Green homes give off less pollution, save people money, and help keep people healthier. Regrettably, many view the task of making their houses more Eco-friendly as too much to bare. As a result, folks generally don’t do much more than recycle. This is a shame because these people end up missing out on all of the benefits of having an environmentally friendly home.

I wrote this article to offer up some advice to folks looking to make their homes more Eco-friendly Throughout this article I’ll give you my best five strategies for living in a home that gives off less pollution, saves people more money, and enables people to live a happier and healthier life.

Tip Number 1

Firstly, go out and buy some nice window shades. The best ones are the solar shades, but any dark shades will do. Cooling a home can take a lot of electricity which costs money and burns more energy. In addition to this, air conditioners tend to dry out homes and draw in pollen and pollution. Shade all of your windows during the day and you won’t have to run your air conditioning units as often. This is a simple step to take and it will only cost you a few minutes each day.

Tip Number 2

Once you have your shade in place, go ahead and automate your home. Many people view this as a challenging task, but it really isn’t very tough at all. Most home alarm system companies offer alarm systems with home automation built right into them. You’ll find that alarm systems talks about a lot of alarm systems featuring home automation. They feel that the top alarm system will almost always have this option built into them.

Automate your home by having your alarm system turn your HVAC and lights on and off each day. This will help keep your home safer and will help you cut down on your utility bills.

Tip Number 3

Another great tip is to get a rain barrel. A rain barrel will reduce and may even eliminate your need to use your hose to water your yard. This will cut down on your water and sewer bill and will help keep your lawn looking nice and green all year.

Tip Number 4

Once you have your rain barrel installed, why not start a garden. A garden will give you fresh organic food and will save you money. In addition to this, it will reduce the amount of food that needs to be shipped to your local grocery store. This will reduce the amount of gasoline burned bringing food to your dinner table.

Tip Number 5

After your garden, your rain barrel, and your home security system start saving you lots of cash each month, go ahead and use the money on a new solar panel system. Solar panels can reduce or even eliminate your need to be connected to the grid.

Thanks for reading this article on making your home more environmentally friendly. Please be sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends.

The 4 Ways Criminals Get Into A Person’s House And The Way To Prevent It

Homes certainly aren’t invincible, but they usually are pretty sturdy. Hurricanes, snowstorms, and animals can all be kept at bay by a well-made home. Unfortunately, it seems that most homes aren’t very good for protecting people against other people.

In this article I’ll go over the different reasons why homes can be ineffective protection against criminals. You’ll learn exactly what to do to make your home more secure.

The Number One Way Intruders Get Into Homes

The front and back doors are the number one entry points for criminals to use to gain access to people’s homes. Doors are kicked in and locks are picked with great ease. To avoid this problem, homeowners really need to take steps to make their doors, their door frames, and their door locks more secure.

It isn’t very hard to improve on a door’s locking mechanism. A person just needs to replace their old door lock with a nice new one. This new lock should be a modern lock that can’t be picked open in the usual way. It should have both a deadbolt and a lock on the door knob.

Unfortunately, the best lock will be useless if your door can just be kicked in. Increase the security of your door by getting a solid wood or metal door. Once the new door is in place, go ahead and reinforce your door frame. A strong door will not do you any good if the door frame falls apart when kicked.

The second way people easily gain access to a person’s home is through the windows. Window locks prevent quick crimes of convenience, but do not deter determined criminals very well. Anybody with a both can easily kick a standard window until it breaks.

One way to get around this is to buy window film or window bars. This will help reinforce your windows and will ensure that people can’t just kick their way into your home.

Another way to combat this is to buy a great alarm system. A good alarm system will sound the alarm as soon as the window is kicked. This should scare criminals away and alert you to the danger. Get a good alarm system by using Vivint discount code and Protect America discounts .

Of course having an angry dog in the window wouldn’t hurt either. Your dog can bark and your dog can bite.

The third way people can access to other folk’s homes is through second floor windows. Many people feel that second floor windows don’t need to be locked. Unfortunately, savvy criminals are always smart enough to bring a ladder or to climb a tree. These criminals will easily gain access because the window will be sitting their unlocked.

The fourth way criminals gain access to a home is through acting like a utility person or delivery person. They’ll pretend like they need to access the home and the homeowner will simply let them right into the house.

How You Can Make A Well Used House Safer

Old houses can be great to live in. Older homes have character and personality that you don’t see in newer homes. Regrettably, older homes are often less secure than newer ones. This is because these homes were built back in the days when it was safe to leave your door unlocked. For this reason, it can be difficult to secure an old home. In fact, many folks haven’t even realized that their older homes are less secure than newer ones.

In this article I’ll go over some of the places where older homes lack security. In addition to this, I’ll give you step by step instructions on how to make these houses safer to live in.

The door is the first issue most older homes have. A simple search on the Internet and anybody can pick the lock of an older home. You’ll want to change out the lock as soon as possible. Opt for a double lock with a nice deadbolt that can’t be unlocked without a key.

Another area relating to the door is the door frame. Older houses have wooden door frames that have been around for ages. These door frames can become weak with age and can easily be kicked in. Having a strong door won’t matter if your door frame is weak.

Following this, go ahead and get yourself a good burglar alarm. When you read through alarm systems, you’ll find that the best alarm systems to buy are cellular monitored, wireless systems, with home automation. These types of systems are the absolute best in home security technology, but even if you can’t buy the top alarm system, you should still consider getting an alarm system.

Once you’ve taken care of the doors and added a home security system to them, you’ll want to go ahead and take care of the outside of your home. Many older houses have lots of trees and bushes around them. Trees and bushes are beautiful, but they can be dangerous as well. The reason for this is that criminals like to hide behind trees and bushes. Make sure you clear away any bushes or trees that criminals can hide behind and you’ll eliminate this threat.

Now that the exterior of your home has been cleared of criminal concealing shrubbery, you’ll want to add home security lights to the outside of your home. These lights can be motion sensing lights or permanent lights. Just make sure that they are always turned on at night for maximum protection. Light up your lawn and criminals will easily be seen walking across it.

Since your lawn is now nice and bright, you can add some home security cameras to it. Place some nice home security cameras around your property and you’ll have full view of anything and anyone that might be trying to burglarize your home.

Thanks for reading this article on securing an older home. Apply these security tips to your older home and you’ll be able to enjoy the history and personality of your old home without sacrificing the safety of you and your family.

Fundamental Home Security Systems Compared To More Advanced Home Alarms

Every year, home security systems become more technologically advanced. This is great because home security systems now offer homeowners more value. A homeowner can now do ten times more with their home security systems than they could have just a generation ago. Nevertheless, new home security technology also has its drawbacks. It can be much harder to learn and it can be much more expensive to own.

In this article I’ll go over the pros and cons of upgrading to the latest home security system. We’ll talk about all of the latest features and how you can use them to your benefit. When you’re finished, you can decide for yourself whether or not you want to read through the Vivint security and Gaurdian Protection reviews to buy the latest home security systems.

Do It Yourself Security Systems

One of the biggest revolutions in the home security industry is the introduction of DIY home security systems. These DIY systems come with full monitoring options without the hassle of having a home security specialist in your home.

The benefit to using a DIY system is that you have more options to choose from. With a DIY solution, you aren’t just restricted to the companies that can install in your area. Also, you won’t have to have a stranger in your home and you won’t have to wait for the stranger to show up.

The main drawback to this is that you have to learn how to setup the system before you can install it. Most people will find that this can be mildly time intensive, but it isn’t very hard.

Home Automation

A home automated system gives you the ability to automatically set your HVAC system as well as many other features in your home. This can all be done from one central control panel which makes life easier. It can also save you money since you’ll probably have a reduced utility bill.

The downside to this system is that you’ll have to correctly setup your home automation services or they won’t work. Also, you’ll need to pay more for your system and more for your monitoring package.

Remote Access

Remote access gives you the ability to operate your home security system through the Internet. This is wonderful because you can check on your alarm system while you’re away from home. You’ll never have to worry about forgetting to set your alarm and your family members will never be locked out. In fact, when combined with home automation, you can even set your utilities up right through your smart phone. If you decide to go out after work, you can go ahead and tell your thermostat not to warm the house for you until you return.

Regrettably, remote access is generally a part the most costly monitoring plan. You’ll spend more for your system each month, but you’ll have complete control over your home.

Thanks for reading this article on the benefits and drawbacks of new home security technology. Please make sure you choose the solution that is best for your home.

Silly House Security Errors That Homeowners Frequently Make

When it comes to home security, most people know what to do. Unfortunately, most people don’t do what they know they need to do. They become careless and complacent and eventually suffer for it.

I wrote this article to ensure that you don’t become a victim. In this article I’ll go through some of the foolish mistakes that homeowners regularly make so that you can avoid making them yourself.

Mistake Number 1

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not using their locks. There are times when homeowners decide they don’t need to lock some of their windows, or maybe they forget to lock all of them. I spend every night going around my house locking windows and doors only to find out that my son leaves his first floor bedroom window wide open every night. As a result, anybody could simply climb through his window and gain access to the whole house from there.

Mistake Number 2

Another error people make is in not setting their alarm systems each night. It is foolish to spend so much time and money on getting the best FrontPoint Security reviews, only to not use it. Wouldn’t you feel silly if your house was robbed and you hadn’t even bothered to turn your alarm system on?

Mistake Number 3

Leaving valuable items outside on the lawn. Fences are great for marking boundaries, but they aren’t great for keeping your property secure. It is very easy for somebody to go onto your lawn to take things. Even in a well-populated neighborhood, the criminal would only need to throw a uniform on to walk around your yard unchallenged.

Mistake Number 4

Mistake number four is related to leaving items out in the yard. While you’re putting away your valuable lawn items, make sure you put your ladder away as well. This isn’t just so that people don’t steal your ladder. The reason you will do this is so that people can’t use your ladder to gain access to your second floor windows. Of course, you should lock these windows anyway, but its good to cut off access to them as well.

Mistake Number 5

A big error that many do not even think about is the error of turning on the interior lights without closing the blinds. When you do this, people from the outside of your home can easily see into the inside of it. He’ll look inside and instantly realize that nobody is in that room. Also, he can make a noise near that window to lure you into the room and when he sees you are their investigating, he can send his partner into your house through another room. If he’s a violent criminal, he can simply shoot you through the window and then have his way with your home.

These are just five basic mistakes that many homeowners make on a daily basis. Its important to regularly analyze your own personal security methods so that you can check for other foolish errors you are making. Also, if you don’t have a good alarm system, be sure to take a good look at home wireless alarm system company reviews.


Safeguarding Your Home By Using Situational Awareness

When asked about home invasions, the average person conjures up images of criminals fighting through doors and windows. The Internet is full of home security videos that show criminals taking crow bars to windows and boots to doors. Unfortunately, many home invasions occur simply because the homeowner has let their guard down.

An example of this would be the homeowner that lets a stranger into the home because the stranger says he is with the water company. People see a nice uniform and a hat with a logo on it and don’t bother to question whether the man really is who he says he is. As soon as a person finds his way into the homeowner’s house, he can then have his way with it. The neighbors won’t think anything of this, because all they saw was a homeowner letting a man with a uniform into the house. Even the best list of alarm companies review isn’t going to help a homeowner that lets the home invader into the home unchallenged.

The proper response in this situation should have been for the homeowner to ask for the man’s name and identification. Once you have this information, go ahead and make a call to the company he claims to be from. This could even be done through a security door, a door with a chain lock latched, or even through a peephole and a mail slot. Getting this information behind a locked door ensures that the intruder can’t just push his way in. Also, it gives you time to push the panic button on your wireless home alarm company reviews if the intruder does try to break his way in.

Another problem many homeowner’s have is losing communication while being invaded. After self-defense weapons, a person’s primary form of protection is to call for help. However, many people do not keep a phone near them at night and therefore cannot call for help. An easy way to fix this problem is to keep a cell phone next to the bed. As soon as your alarm goes off, you can simply check your cameras to see if someone is attempting an invasion. Once you see that you are indeed being invaded, call 911.

In addition to these easy methods for increasing your situational awareness, you should also consider the visibility of your valuables. Many crimes are crimes of convenience caused by homeowners that have encouraged thieves to strike. People that leave valuables in plain site are just asking to be robbed. A kleptomaniac will not be able to resist the site of a nice cell phone or wallet sitting on a table near an open window. Make sure you keep your valuables away from your windows and your blinds shut. This will ensure that thieves are not tempted to break into your home to take your stuff.

As you can see, there are many steps you can take to increase your home security. These are simple steps and they are all about increasing your awareness of mistakes you may be making. Its hard for good people to think like thieves, but it is imperative that we do.