The Benefits of Using Shift Scheduling Software

If you’re a manager and you need to create a shift schedule, you already know you’re in for hours of mind numbing work, ever wish there was a better way? Thankfully, there using Shift Scheduling Software that makes the task of shift scheduling much easier. In fact using the right software allows you to perform multiple functions at once, assigning split shifts, shirt rotation and more.

Once you’ve booted your software, chosen your employee and picked the dates, a simply mouse click can easily assign the proper shift. If you are interested in assigning split shifts, you would simply choose that function within the software, since safeguards would prevent this from being a default choice. With this done, it’s time to let the software performs its magic, giving a warning if there are any overlaps or scheduling conflicts.

Once you’ve taken the time to enter the data correctly once, that data can be used as a template for future runs. Point, select, click and what was (prior to this software) a headache, is not simply a job-well-done.

Since the internet is part of our lives, integration an online element is the natural flow, allowing an employee to check their shift. Since this can be performed from nearly any computer with internet access, it can greatly reduce the need for employees to phone in asking about their next shift.

If the manager enables this feature, employees can designate which is their preferred shift for upcoming schedules. This allows the software to automatically assign a shift that works best for both the manager and the employee. If there are conflicts, the employee with the higher score is assigned that shift.

While there are nuances to using the shift scheduling software, most managers will appreciate the ease of use and implementation. Creating multiple shifts, split shifts and more doesn’t have to be difficult, and after using the software once or twice, you’ll quickly find it an integral part of your arsenal.

Schedules, shifts and split shifts are an established part of the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be done the old way, using software can make a manager’s job so much easier.