Top 3 Snacking Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Snacking is one of the deadly sins that will thwart all of your weight loss efforts. Here are three great snack-related tips to help you fly right and lose weight fast.

1. Avoid snacking during breaks at work. The “coffee break” is a killer when it comes to snacking. You know the drill — everybody gathers in the break room around the coffee pot and the bagels and vending machines. Next thing you know you’re inhaling Cheese Nips. Why not trying something different? Take a short walk, read a health-related article or listen to a bit of a relaxing audio book. You’ll find it’s easy to take a break without snacking out.

2. Organize your pantry. Knowing what you have to eat helps you avoid grabbing whatever is convenient. If your pantry is well laid out and organized, you’ll be able to make better choices for meals without the hassle of digging around in the pantry or refrigerator. The longer it takes to find the good stuff, the more likely you’ll be to just grab what’s accessible instead.

3. Stock up on healthy foods. We’re all busy, right? It’s easy to “grab and go” — sometimes we have no choice. Make sure you have plenty of healthy foods and snacks available in the kitchen so when you do have to grab and go it can be something you don’t have to regret eating later.

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