Tremendous on Our Vacation in White Sandy Beach

The Uluwatu temple is a very popular spot among the tourists who comes to Bali and enjoying the sunset. Uluwatu temple name comes from the ancient words which mean the temple built in the tip of coral. How would you feel if having a family vacation under the sun, by the beach with white sandy beach and pristine waters?

You can relax by the pool while watching the sun going down, truly like a paradise on earth. Release the burden of your work and let the staffs of your villa to help you ease the stress. Most of the pool are design with luxury in concept but with traditional touch to make a truly unforgettable paradise for you and your family.

Most villas in Uluwatu would have the magnificent view commanding the Indian Ocean. This area have several private villas for discerning travelers who love to have holiday in luxury villa. Dreamland Beach is one of the best that Bali has to offer. Accessible by a rough road, it offers a shallow reef break that is quite demanding. But the suffer is definitely paid off when you get into the villas. Some private villas here have a helicopter landing pad at the backyard of the villas to overcome the bumpy road access.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Bali Villas Network for more information on any of Uluwatu villas or other villas in Bali. Their private villas lists over the Uluwatu area are carefully inspected to meet most discerning travelers. Beachfront view villas or clifftop view villas commanding ocean views and sunset vistas are available.