Wasps Nests removed in South Cheshire, Wirral 44.50

Wasps Nests Destroyed in South Cheshire, Wirral 44.50 set fee no add-ons.

For the whole of the summer of 2011 Liverpool Wasps Nests will be destroying wasps nests throughout the whole of South Cheshire, Wirral for a set rate of only 44.50.

Liverpool Wasps Nests  operate 7 days per week including Saturdays, Sundays and evenings and do not charge any supplement for evening and weekend jobs.

Wasps nests can normally be destroyed from the exterior of the building by blowing a small amount of insecticide into the entrance hole using a special applicator.

It is vital to get a wasps’ nest dealt with before autumn when the new queens which will build the following year’s nests start to emerge. Once this starts just destoying the nest will not kill these new queens as they are no longer going back to the nest. A single wasp nest can produce about 2000 queens.

In of the summer months we give priority to wasp calls as we are aware that many people can have a severe reaction to wasps stings and it is important to deal with the nest as with the utmost urgency. We do our best to provide a rapid same day service but this is obviously governed by how much work we have on.

It is not necessary to remove the wasps nest itself as it can never be used again and, being built from purely of a paper like material it will crumble away of its own accord.

The Waspman also provide a range of ant treatment some of which it is possible to issue a three year guarantee for.
We can be contacted on 0800 019 8382 7 days per week.