What Computer Keyboard is Best?

 Many people are unaware that not all computer keyboards are created equal. There are many types of keyboards depending on your usage and price range. 90% of all units currently on the market are “rubber”; the original keyboards in the 1980s were “mechanical”. Mechanical units still make up 10% of the market share. Rubber keyboards are easier to mass produce and are less expensive; they are also good for most every need. Mechanical keyboards cost a little more but they have a quicker response time.

One very popular genre is made specifically for computer gamers. These units have programmable keys for the moves that will be most used in game. These keys can also be programmed to do complex multi key stroke moves as well as basic in game functions. Some units have features that can connect a headset right to the keyboard for in game chat or even have other media keys to control music or other background programs that are still running. The vast majority, if not all, gaming keyboards are backlit as most gamers tend to play in poor light.

Ergonomic keyboards are perfect for those who are often typing. These keyboards are designed to reduce stress on the wrists and other highly used areas of the hand when using the keyboard. Studies suggest that this type of keyboard reduces the risk of Carpal Tunnel and other syndromes associated with repeated motion.

For most types of keyboards, Logitech and Microsoft are the two main manufacturers. However, with mechanical keyboards, these two manufacturers make very few. Many lesser known manufacturers make the majority that have good reviews. At www.ecomputerkeyboard.com many specific models of all the major genres are reviewed. We also make recommendations based on price and consumer ratings. Be sure to get all the info to make an education purchase next time you are in the market for a computer keyboard.