What do all of the best small printers share in common?

Visualize you’re in the car or truck going to meet with a customer when you realize you didn’t remember some crucial pieces of paperwork. You stop the car, and send your mobile printer the documents from your smart phone. The next thing you know you’re at the meeting, documents in hand, and you close the trade easily.

The capabilities of a portable, mobile, or travel printer is pretty awesome. Whether you need to print an e-ticket for your next flight or print records for a conference, the best small printers will all make your life simpler. These small printers are more highly-priced but they are usually worth the convenience factor.

Compact printers have a reduced footprint but feature similar functionality as any other printer of bigger size. Many of these printers are WiFi/Bluetooth adept, can work using a battery, and are a good deal scaled-down and lighter.

You can find a lot of great small printers but some ought to be avoided. Small printers are usually slower at printing and have lower quality. Ensure you check how many pages per minute each printer can print (including in color). WiFi/Bluetooth is also available on several styles, as is battery power, but not all. Finally, the smallest printers use thermal technology rather than ink, but we’ll discuss this in more detail further on.

Bluetooth and WiFi adept printers can connect to many devices such as smart phones, tablets, and netbooks. WiFi is available on bigger printers while more compact printers are only Bluetooth capable. Additional hardware, is often required to run either Bluetooth or WiFi. When pricing a new printer make certain to include the additional $50 or greater for this technology, if you need it.

The smallest of the small printers all use thermal technology. This technology is very reliable, but it’s slow, low resolution, only black and white, and has limited wireless connectivity options. If size is the number one factor then thermal technology might be appropriate for you. If not, go with the more familiar Ink Jet technology.

In conclusion, small printers have all the functionality of a larger printer with the additional merits of portability, battery power, and WiFi.