What do noise consultants really do

Noise pollution is becoming quite a huge problem in many built-up areas these days & of late I’ve started to think that an noise consultant could do something to mitigate sound levels.

As it turns out, continuous noise pollution is not as much of a problem as sudden peaks and troughs although in the workplace, continuous noise that isn’t particularly loud is quite often a problem and give rise to loss of hearing.

Perhaps one of the biggest human aspects of noise is that it has a detrimental impact on sleep quality and steady low-level sleep deprivation is bad for psychological and thus physical well-being.

For an Acoustic engineer this ,of course, will be familiar territory. They use the latest acoustic technology to record decibel levels and pin-point sources of noise. By designing buildings to absorb sound energy they can significantly enhance the quality of life for people and so improve their health too.

A common problem is due to aircraft sound levels, particularly around busy international airports like Charles de Gaulle where jets come in low over inhabited areas. Even though there are usually some controls on landing and take-off times, busy international & national airports tend to operate virtually 24 hours a day. Noise consultants are being used by airport protestors now to log sound levels and then to act as experts in environmental assessment reports.