White Collar

White Collar is a type of crime comedy type of show which is aired on USA. It is created by Jeff Eastin. The star of the TV show happens to be Matt Bomer whos character is Neil Caffrey. Neil is a con man well not just a con man probably the best at what he does. Neil was in a federal prison until he gets out to work with the man who caught him in the first place, Special agent Peter Burke who is played by actor Tim DeKay. Neil is always trying to find Kate his ex girlfriend. He feels that she has left him clues to help him find her. Neil is released from prison to help Burke catch people kind of a glorified work release program. Peter was pretty hesitant at first before he agreed to let Neil out of jail. Within that first day of getting out of prison Neil already lives in one of the nicest places in the city. He rents a guest room from an elderly widow. Neil is able to help agent burke catch a criminal and thus proves to be useful to him. Neil tells agent burke that he will not try to escape from him. Neil thinks that his ex girlfriend Kate is in some type of trouble so he continues to try and find her. Neil has some fairly impressive forging skills. He of course is always wearing one of those ankle bracelets so that he can be tracked at all times.

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