Wholesale Lumber in Texas

Our leaders consistently travel to Brazil to inspect some Ipe logs before them being milled into decking at Ipe Decking, situated at 10900 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753, and can be reached by telephone at (512) 834-1200. In order for us to continually be enhancing our solutions, we’re involved in just about every aspect in the Ipe enterprise. That is true regardless if we’re sometimes climbing into a cargo van and providing our customer’s deck personally, dealing with telephone sales, examining purchases, or deciding upon logs. By doing this we can ensure that all elements of our service to our customers is from the top quality and we are managing at our full potential.

Our customers can be confident that the Ipe they receive from us is the finest quality because we involve some the best authorities on Ipe in the country. In order to make certain that the Ipe logs are purchased in an environmentally responsible and legal manner, and the Ipe decking that our shoppers get is of the top quality, we operate closely with several different mills. We pride ourselves in knowing that our forestry efforts save several of acres from being ruined for farm land. There are just few logs cut from every single acre which enables the forest to regenerate and be logged once again between ten and 5 years. This places a value on the forest and prevents them from being burnt off and cut for cattle and agricultural land. Ipe is the greatest quality material accessible for wood decking. Nothing lasts as long or sustains its integrity as Ipe decking from the Treasure Island Resort in Las Vegas to the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, into your own backyard.

IPE is one of the several business labels used for the large group of Lapacho of trees of the many unique species of Tabebuia. Generally, these trees grow between 140 and 150 feet tall, even though some have been known to grow as tall as 200 feet. Ipe Decking, found at 10900 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78753, and can be called by telephone at (512) 834-1200 knows that there are numerous other names for these trees in various unique places such as Lapacho and Bethbara. These trees are mostly located in some of the Lesser Antilles, South and Central America as well as in Brazil.

Ipe is an ever more popular and outstanding choice of material for residential/commercial outdoor furniture and decking due to its hard and good resilient properties. It is valued for its all-natural resistance to infestation to borers and termites, wet conditions, rot, and decay. It is also well known for its potency, toughness, and firmness. It is not too difficult to season and is obtainable in long lengths. Ipe has the same fire rating as steel and concrete, that is Class A.

Ipe typically features striping and the Heartwood if Ipe is amongst black and olive brown. Normally the sapwood is much lighter, such as yellow or white. It is difficult to plane or cut because it is remarkably compacted. When slicing, high quality Carbide tipped blades are suggested. To be able to decrease examining when surface fastening, predrilling is also highly suggested.

We have been providing high quality wood products for several years at Wholesale Lumber, located at 155 Empire CT Austin, TX 78737, and can be called by telephone at (512) 963-3121. We are a well-known and honest name in the extensive wood company. We are the the best supplier of each imported and domestic, exotic hardwood lumber such as Ipe, Genuine Mahogany, and Teak. Additionally we present Marine Grade Plywood and other hardwood plywood in several well-known group. With our extensive Millwork listing and custom styles, upon request, we can also provide hardwood molding services. Our Millwork division can run entire Millwork packages for your plan, create panel lay-ups, run your flooring, or make your custom made moldings. We will then ship it around the region right to your property or job site. We are the wholesale lumber professionals. Our experienced and knowledgeable and qualified team can help you establish the finest product for your project and even suggest choice products when the supply is low or the budget is tight.