Entrepreneurs have to fly not only on vacation, but to conduct business. As recognized by businessmen, the ability to find a flight quicker is much more important than the comfort of the flight itself. And even then, the demand for business class airfare is increasing around the world with every year. We tried to find out why are businessmen willing to overpay for business class flights.

The airlines believe that for business people business class flight is the ideal solution, at least in terms of planning time flight. Almost all carriers use fairly complicated formula to price their economy class plane tickets. The price for the same flight in the same class may differ, depending on the direction, time of year and the period of redemption of the ticket. Typically, cost-effective rates imply a lot of restrictions and toughen the conditions on the date of departure and time of issuing the ticket. Economy trips have to be planed a month or even two more in advance what often is impossible for entrepreneurs.

“I do not fly economy class, because I have no idea when exactly the next flight will be”, says Igor Vishnevskiy, the CEO of Blesque.com “When need for a flight appears, it appears very urgently. Often, all that an airlines or travel agencies can offer the day before departure is a business class flight. Apparent high cost of such a flight recedes into the background because the main thing is to get the business done. Besides, the economy class cost one day prior to departure is almost the same. Tickets for business class airfare are always available, even if they are booked one hour to departure. You can even simply drive straight to the airport and just buy the next available flight in the next hour right there on the spot. Airlines usually let business class travelers change their flight dates and time around without any extra costs. Business class passengers can carry on board or check in more baggage free of additional charges as well. Therefore it pays off at the end. The luxury comfort of the business class is very beneficial as well. Business associates often have to attend a meeting one or two hours after the plane has landed. Imagine if their flight was from USA to Europe, that’s a nearly 12 hour flight. In this case, the business class comfort wins. With a busy schedule it becomes even healthier to fly business class.”

It turns out that business class is chosen mostly not for the sake of its comfort, but more for the sake of its urgency. However, the comfort is an addition perk that really helps to stay rested when business associates travel long distance. Those are the reasons why businessmen agree to overpay.