Yoli Blast Cap MLM Review – Hype Or Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Yoli, inc. one of the newest companies to emerge on the scene in the home business / networking marketing industry has officially begun pre-launch with it’s official launch scheduled for January 2010. Yoli is in the health and wellness industry with it’s flagship product, Blast Caps. The theory behind this product is that our diets as we all know are nutrient-depleted.  We live hectic lives often not considering what we put in our bodies.  Yoli’s solution to this problem is the release of their new product called Blast Cap.  This product has the nutrients flash frozen into a cap which screws onto the top of a water bottle.  You simply push the cap into the bottle to release the ingredients into the water and then drink your water.  The product is free from harmful preservatives and has Xylitol, which is a sugar alcohol, instead of sugar. Xylitol, has mixed reviews in the wellness sphere and I suggest you do your own research prior to making a conclusion.

The Yoli Truth Blast is the first product with ingredients such as Vitamin C as ascorbic acid.  The drink has a proprietary antioxidant blend of pomegranate fruit, acai, goji, resveratrol from poly-gonum cuspidatum root, white tea leaf extract and simutase enzyme.  In addition, the product contains a blend for absorption that includes calcium carbonate, magnesium, potassium and some pro-bio-tics. The quality of the above ingredients are unknown and for those who are serious about health finer research should be done on the Yoli Truth Blast product. The Yoli Truth is their first product and is based on a new “Blast Cap Technology” which the company currently has 300 patents pending on. Also this one of a kind Energy Drink will be able to directly rival similar products currently being offered in the retail sector. Now is your chance to get your share of this Multi Billion Dollar per year market. Many argue that Energy Drinks are currently saturating the Network Marketing Industry. But people thought McDonalds saturated the market when they had 100 stores open. I really believe that the market is unlimited for these types of products, and the fact that people drink these on a daily basis means the potential for recurring revenue is great. You don’t need a ton of customers to make a decent income.