Yoli Blast Caps are the new name in health and energy drinks presently!

Yoli Blast Caps are refreshing energy drinks, made with patented technology created by Yoli International that has the MLM distribution people in great anticipation about the up and coming launch in September 2009. There are many popular leaders from the MLM distribution group including people like Robby Fender, Michael Prichard, Daren Falter, Rick Eisele, Bobby Jones and Corey Citron. The Yoli group has certainly presented itself amongst the world of health and energy drinks with quite a buzz. Prior experience and business know how gives these great individuals what they require to be able to start Yoli off with a new look to the beverage market. Focused on perfection and assisting to teach the public about current health and energy drinks, Yoli International wants to distribute Yoli Blast Caps to people that are searching for an alternative to health and energy drinks. People everywhere will appreciate the distinct difference in taste and nutrients found in Yoli Blast caps.

What is generally known about health and energy drinks is what is available for us to read on the labels of the drink themselves, however there is some crucial things that we do not know. What we are not aware of is that those labels state the condition of that specific beverage at the time of bottling only and not when it is on the shelves at the store. A lot of time and effort has gone into researching health and energy drinks and Yoli International has found one important truth that makes all the difference in which energy drink you choose. The amount of time an energy drink has been sitting around for makes a large difference in the freshness and quality of the drink. You will be shocked to know that the majority of vitamins and minerals contained in popular energy drinks lose up to 80% of their effectiveness after only 30 days of sitting in water, rendering their potency very weak and unbeneficial to people very quickly.

This includes the time it takes to bottle the beverage and sending it to local stores. No one wants to be tricked or waste their money when buying a product, however how can we be sure when the vitamins and minerals we mixed into the water of our health and energy drink? With Yoli Blast Caps, we can know for sure that we are getting a fresh and nutritional boost in this drink every single time. No one wants to be misled when purchasing a product, but how can we be sure when exactly those vitamins and minerals entered into the water of our favorite health and energy drink? With Yoli Blast Caps we can be certain.

With such a rich addition of anti-oxidants, live enzymes and boosters, ph enhancers and even calming probiotics, Yoli Blast Caps are the new name in health and energy drinks presently. There are so many health benefits from drinking this vitamin and mineral enriched drink. You can be certain you will know precisely what you are getting in your drink when you want it, unlike other beverages of its kind on the supermarket shelves today. This amazing drink is made with all natural sweeteners instead of refined sugars, Yoli Blast Caps are safe and efficiently used by people that have diabetes or that are adhering to a restricted low carbohydrate diet. Alcaplex formula is added to the Yoli Blast Caps in order to help alkalize the body because of the acidic nature of our body’s makeup from external pollutants. The products of Yoli International including Yoli Blast Caps are developed to alter lives and give people the great flavor and a burst of nutrients and freshness that they are looking for in energy drinks. If you are a person that needs a boost of energy during the day, and wants a quality product, then you must see for yourself by drinking the Yoli Blast Caps and discover how amazing fresh vitamins and minerals can be in your favorite health and energy drink. You will quickly notice the distinct difference that good quality makes.