3 Tips For Buying a Car With Bad Credit That Will Save You Money

Here’s 3 tips for buying cars with bad credit ratings.

Don’t Negotiate on Payments. One of the most popular tactics that salespeople in dealerships will use with people that have bad credit, is to keep customers focused on payments. By doing this, the salesperson is able to keep you in the dark about the real price of the car and the interest rate. It’s not until you see the finance manager to complete the sale that you ever really realize what you’re really paying. So keep the focus on the price, not the payments. You can negotiate that later when you’re talking about interest rates with the finance department.

Don’t Use Buy Here, Pay Here. Dealers that offer “tote-the-note” financing can be hazardous to your wallet. You’ll pay much more in both the purchase price and the interest rate for a car at a dealership of this sort. You’ll do much better if you steer clear of these types of car lots and get your financing pre-approved online or at a local bank.

Get Your Financing Pre-Approved. There are online companies that provide car financing for people that have bad credit and everything can be taken care of online. By having your financing pre-approved through an online lender or loan company, you’re in a better position to get approved. You also can save money on interest rates as there is no middle-man (dealership). Also, you’ll be able to make an offer based on price, because you’ll know what you’re approved for before you go shopping.

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