Anti-aging Skincare Tips

While getting older is inevitable and beyond our control, the way we look as we age is something we can actively take control of.  Everyone eventually gets some wrinkles and lines but the amount of wrinkles and lines is something that we do have some control over. Here are some basic tips on anti-aging care for your skin that will help diminish the tell tale signs of aging… Wrinkles, crows feet, and laugh lines

Avoid too much exposure to the sun

The sun’s ultraviolet rays are one of the skin’s biggest enemies and a leading cause of aging.  Those that practice tanning are often at a greater risk for prematurely aged skin including liver spots and wrinkles.  They are also at a greater risk for skin cancer.

It is imperative that you use a sun block when outside for any length of time even though you may not think you need it. Most facial cosmetics have a sun block built in but if you use products that don’t or don’t use makeup on your face you may want to consider a sun block. Using a sun block is great but keeping yourself out of the sun is even better.  Avoid tanning and tanning beds.  Wear a hat when playing golf or other sports or working in the yard.

Moisturize your skin

All those harmful elements that the skin faces every day – wind, sun, pollutants – sap moisture from the skin’s surface. Adding moisture every day gives the skin’s outer surface a chance to absorb this and also acts as a protection against those harmful elements.

Tip from the experts:  Using a moisturizer at night is important because this is when the body regenerates itself and this gives the body enough time to remain undisturbed so that it can absorb as much moisturizer as possible. A moisturizer in the morning is also helpful because it helps the skin to fight off the harmful elements during the day and for women, can help makeup to adhere better.


When skin is properly hydrated it is much more equipped to fight off those pollutants and irritants throughout the day and less likely to wrinkle.  When it is dry and dehydrated this job is that much more difficult.

If you can’t drink water then try something else that keeps you hydrated, such as fruit juice.  Foods to eat include:

  •  Apples
  •  Watermelons
  •  Citrus fruits of all varieties, including oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit
  •  Leafy green vegetables
  •  Tomatoes

By keeping yourself properly hydrated you’re plumping up your collagen levels and keeping them healthy for as long as possible.  The more moisture you have in your system the healthier your skin will be over the long run.


Antioxidant products usually are very high concentrations of vitamins as these are necessary to attack free radicals and to help the body repair damaged cells as well as to grow new, healthy cells. You can of course purchase antioxidant products and moisturizers, but plain vitamin E oil is all you need to apply to your skin. 

Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Be careful of relying too heavily on anti-aging skin care products.  Most work as good moisturizers but these products just cannot penetrate the layers of skin the way they should in order to actually repair or replace the body’s own collagen. The best products you can use from your pharmacy or makeup counter are going to be those with high levels of vitamins E and A, or just vitamin E oil on its own.

If you are over 45 and suffering from low human growth hormone (hgh) secretion levels, then Gen F20 HGH Releaser may help to increase your hgh levels which in turn improves the look and feel of your skin, and decreases fat while increasing lean muscle.
Negative lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, poor eating habits, not enough sleep, and little or no exercise reduce the effects of Gen F20.

Exfoliate Regularly

Taking off the top layer of skin may sound rather harsh but remember that this is a process your skin is supposed to go through naturally every month or so, as those bottom layers push up and remove the top layers naturally. You can help this process along by exfoliating on a regular basis. 

Regular Exercise

Delivering that needed nourishment and helping your skin to get rid of dead cells and impurities is so important for it to renew and rejuvenate itself and regular exercise accomplishes both of these steps.  This increased blood circulation means better health for your system overall and of course the healthier you are in all your systems the healthier your skin is going to look.