Aussie car rentals – what you have to know

Having your own car available while on holiday is quite comfortable. Whether you are on your trip alone or together with others, a car makes you mobile at a good price. Since the vast majority of our holiday trips happen a long distance from home, to have a motor car available you would have to hire one. How do you lower the cost of hiring one?

A critical part of the process is to start early. When you have an idea of when you will need the vehicle for go ahead with the booking. Don’t wait with making reservation until the last moment. Decide between an international brand or a local supplier. When you go with the former, you may find it a bit more expensive, but you will in most cases receive quite new models. Local brands also can provide a very good experience, however it can vary in some cases pretty dramatically. You can check prices quickly on vehicle hire comparison sites like this easy to use one.

Here are a couple facts that are worth keeping in mind before you book a rental. Drivers younger than 25 will have a higher rate. Drivers have to be over 21. In most cases you are not allowed to drive the car onto unsealed roads or on ferries. Areas you’re allowed to take the rental car can be further restricted.

When picking up your hire car check meticulously for dents. Check if the vehicle is full of gas and check if you can use the headlights and turn indicators. Memorize the colour and type of the car. Write down the registration number and keep it in a safe place. Save the phone number to your rental supplier also in your contacts.

Don’t forget that details of rental agreements, restrictions, rates and insurance can differ between cities and from country to country. Even if you’re an experienced traveler, be sure to understand the rental agreement. Find a deal and have fun.