Bourke Temperature and Mean Weather in degrees

Bourke, Australia

At Bourke, Australia the average temp is 20.46C (68.825F). 5.00C (41.00F) is the coldest monthly mean low temperature (transpiring in July) while 37.00C (98.60F) is the peak monthly mean max temp measured in January. The range of mean temperatures over the year is 17.50C. Rainfall/ snowfall etc. in Bourke builds up to an average total of 348.00mm (13.70in) per year. This is equivalent to average monthly precipitation of 29.00mm (1.14in). February is the rainiest month subject to an average of 45mm (1.77in) of precipitation occurring during 5 days while in September only 17mm (0.67in) of rain falls over 3 days. Bourke’s weather has 49 days per year with greater than 0.1mm (0.004in) of rainfall. Relative humidity at Bourke averages 33.25% over the year. 23% is the minimum average monthly relative humidity ensueing in December and 47% is the peak mean monthly relative humidity that takes place in June. You can analyse more info about the weather in Bourke on the excellent website. Free Bourke climate graphs show a comprehensive synopsis of the precipitation in Bourke.

Tennant Creek, Australia

At Tennant Creek, Australia the average temperature annually is 25.25C (77.45F). 11.00C (51.80F) is the lowest monthly average min temperature (ensueing in July) while 38.00C (100.40F) is the peak monthly average max temp ensueing in December. The annual mean temperature range is 13.50C. Wet weather in Tennant Creek comes to an average total of 352.00mm (13.86in) per annum. The average amount of rainfall per month is 29.33mm (1.15in). January is the most damp month when an average of 103mm (4.06in) of water precipitating on an average of 7 days while in August only 2mm (0.08in) of rain falls over 0 days. Tennant Creek’s weather enjoys 30 days per year with greater than 0.1mm (0.004in) of rainfall. Relative humidity at Tennant Creek averages 23.83333333% over the year. 19% is the most low mean monthly relative humidity transpiring in September, October and 29% is the maximum average monthly relative humidity that takes place in February. Get a more comprehensive review of the Tennant Creek temperature July courtesy of the online website. Free Tennant Creek climate graphs depict further information on the wet days in Tennant Creek.

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