Catalytic converters contain platinum

You don’t need to be a magician to turn base metal into gold: buying relatively cheap metal scrap will actually enable you to transform base stuff into the precious yellow metal called gold!

Some of the most promising industrial scrap is often overlooked by newcomers in the scrap trade, like catalytic converters. These ugly things can be big business, on account of the interesting fact that one of the prominent contents of (scrap) catalytic converters is platinum… one of the more expensive precious metals as you can see on the Kitco precious metals price quotes. This means that the catalytic converters scrap prices are equally interesting, because of their platinum content. In American Scrap Treasures all sorts of scrap metal (and other materials) are featured, among which catalytic converters. The platinum in these ugly contraptions can be recycled and resold, making the clever dealer a nice little profit.

Scrap metal tends to follow the general price developments of metal – this is especially the case with precious metals like gold, silver and indeed platinum. Following the Kitco trends you’ll see that buying scrap enables you to get in at the bottom of price waves and sell at the top, which is a relatively easy way to make a buck or, for that matter, a euro, quid or peso. This trade is fully international, so business is done worldwide.

Not all buyers of precious scrap metals sell the recycled stuff straight away in its pure condition: many (amateur) jewellers use gold, silver and platinum in their creations, and it’s a pleasing idea that some of the platinum that was hidden in your good old catalytic converter, finishes up adorning the slender neck of a beautiful woman! Precious metals look so much better there!