Clinical Waste collection

Clinical waste can be found in waste associated with or seen as:
1. Discarded cartridges, syringe needles, and other sharp objects connected with health care;
2. Items used to dispose of bodily secretions, urine and/or faeces;
3. Human or animal tissue, blood, soiled surgical dressings, Waste from Dialysis treatment, material from infectious disease and cases animal carcasses;
4. Microbiological cultures;
5. Drugs or other Pharmaceutical products.

It is law now for Clinical Waste to be collected in orange waste bags, so as to be sure that such waste does not get mixed with domestic waste collection .

Because of the infectious nature of some types of clinical waste, it is classified as ‘hazardous waste’ under UK & EU law and therefore requires safe disposal as commensurate to the level of risk. In most cases suitable disposal means heat treatment prior to landfill or incineration.

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