Discover Which Kitchens Styles Are Trending At This Moment

Kitchens are most certainly essentially the most critical rooms in the home and are usually a favourite for style make-overs. Many home-owners will choose to re-decorate their kitchen prior to any other room, which isn’t unexpected thinking about just how much use the kitchen gets in relation to time spent in other rooms inside the home. See Epsom kitchen fitters.

Like any style or design, things alter quickly and what’s trending today might be laying in the gutter in just a couple of months. Trends diminish quickly, particularly that of a kitchen. This is why, when choosing a kitchen, you ought to pick essential and useful features that will stand the test of time, permitting your kitchen area to remain attractive even in years to come. See Richmond kitchens.

The key of choosing a kitchen that will stand the test of time, is to select top trends that your home cannot live without. Keep reading to discover exactly what these trends are:

  • Storage Galore – An effective manner in which to employ effective designs that are practical, built in storage has become a necessary solution, especially in the case of small kitchens and smaller homes. Clever storage solutions can allow you to make the best of your kitchen. It is important to accentuate the correct features within your kitchen, so say goodbye to clutter on your kitchen counters and hello to convenient storage space.


  • Oversized Islands – If you are one of the lucky ones with a large kitchen, you can afford to invest in an oversized island. Not only do they provide a superb appearance, but they give you ample storage and allow your family to benefit. They can be used in a variety of ways and the beauty is you can choose how you want to use your island.


  • Built In Seating – A built-in seating area near the kitchen can allow you to maximise all possible space in your kitchen. Built in seating can sit up against the wall providing a space-saving alternative to a dining table.


  • Contrasting Cabinets – If you want a kitchen to look original and eye-catching, multiple styles of finish and colour within your kitchen can assist in achieving this. If you want a kitchen that stands out, contrasting pieces can be utilised for items such as range hoods, islands and eating bar areas.


  • Open Plan Kitchens – Growing increasingly popular is that of an open-plan kitchen with a dual function. These can be particularly handy if you are enjoy entertaining. You can divide the kitchen and living area with the utilisation of a serving bar.

For more clever ideas on how to have trends in your kitchen that will last, see kitchen design and planning services.