Disorganized, Stressed & Overwhelmed-Help!

Of course as a professional organizer I am called in when people have reached the point where they are disorganized, stressed and feeling overwhelmed by their belongings, they are calling for “help!”  People are so busy with life in general that they often don’t have the time to deal with the belongings that have taken over.  They look at the piles and they just don’t know where to start which makes them feel overwhelmed.  Their belongings have officially crossed the line from being a source of enjoyment to a source of stress; that’s not good and it feels even worse. Feeling overwhelmed will create a perpetual cycle of frustration. Let’s figure out how to eliminate that right now.

Here are a few tips to get you started in the right direction if you are feeling overwhelmed:

1)    Don’t let your belongings rule you, you’re the boss!
2)    Focus on one small area; don’t try to tackle everything at once.  Slow & steady wins the race.
3)    You don’t have to get rid of everything, part with what you don’t use, love or can’t fix.
4)    Let go of guilt and let go of the excess baggage-it’s bringing you down, take back your space.
5)    Enlist the help of your family to pitch in on decluttering and then celebrate with a fun outing-not shopping though!
6)    Write down what you want your end result to be, it will keep you motivated during the decluttering process.

Declutter your home and enjoy the results of being organized, relaxed and in control!