Divine Amalfi Villas at the Big apple Times Travel Show 2013


For your 2013 New York Times Travel Show, Divine Amalfi Villas partnered with Art of Perfection Events to recreate the storied Amalfi Coast of Italy inside a 10 square-ft. area. The spectacle was intended to allow guests, tour operators, prospective travelers, and random passers-by to touch, taste, smell, and feel the spirit of Italy, whether or not just by a short time. Literally, the goal ended up being whisk them to historic Amalfifor  5 minutes at most of the. As outlined by Divine Amalfi Villas owner Jennifer Galletti, “They succeeded and in addition they caught everyone’s attention!”

Divine Amalfi Villas is reliant in Sorrento, Italy and offers tour services and Amalfi Coast vacation rentals. In line with MarylaColandrea-Scotto, a professional Wedding and Event Planner at Art of Perfection Events, “Divine Amalfi Villas is owned by two from the warmest and friendliest people could, Jennifer and Pasquale’s entertaining attitude allowed us for being very creative while using design process.” Since nothing contains the people’s attention like a laugh, they decided quite literally to hold their draws at stake.

Art of Perfection Events used four components in designing the Divine Amalfi Villas booth for that New York Times Travel Show:

1. Hand-painted signs displayed descriptive “keywords” as demonstrations of the various services offered by Divine Amalfi Villas. They included Villa Rentals, Events, Private Chefs, Cooking and Italian Classes, Geneology, Private Charters, Transportation, and Excursions.

2. Showcasing “real Italian life” was important because which is the way Jennifer and Pasquale run their business. Guests remain in a villa perfectly fit on their behalf, that is often considerably more affordable than an overpriced hotel. Pasquale uses his own boat for fishing trips where guests can discover ways to prepare the fresh local catch. Rather than cookie cutter tours, they give true Italian experiences. Some guests learn Italian, explore their Italian genealogy, and in some cases make homemade wine or Limoncello.

3. An image booth allowed website visitors to imagine what their perfect Italian adventure may be as with a commemorative photo. Giving visitors something unique to help you remember fondly the event is a good strategy to develop a lasting first impression. Tony Riccio – a friend, vocalist, and photographer – helped to print copies in the pictures for every single group. He also volunteered his singing voice for the Europe Stage, representing Divine Amalfi Villas, and doing it with class.

4. Embracing guests as loved ones are a massive a part of what Jennifer and Pasquale do with Divine Amalfi Villas. The personal and local touch creates lasting friendships, as opposed to just charter contracts. “You employ a genuine extended Italian family with every visit”, says Jennifer. They truly made each guest feel unique and welcomed for a couple moments within their 10’X10’ extension in the Amalfi Coast villas in Italy.