Dressy Shoes Are Not So Bad

For the better part of my life I compiled athletic shoes, everything from Jordan’s to Nike Air Max’s. I have invariably loved and preferred athletic shoes to dress shoes, like from Heels coupons, as if my first sentence didn’t explain that.

One day went to purchase a brand new MAC compact and I walked by the women’s shoe store and could not take my eyes off this one set of shoes. Let’s just say they were clearly any but a set of Jordans and they were items that I would usually just not even give a glance to. They were a set of bronze cork heels with some sparklers on it…once again I’m exposing my true know how of heels. Well, I felt the exact rush as when I walk into a Foot Locker or look online at Sports Authority sales, I absolutely needed them! I tested them out, let’s just say, even though I was 3 ½ inches taller, it felt as if I was wearing a set of tennis shoes or even cheesier, I was gliding on air. Typical me, I caved. They were less money than Jordans and I must come clean, they were too comfy! Protecting banknote is on the beginning of everyone’s goals.

The typical shoe has a “break ‘em in” period, but these, oh these pretty shoes wore without any problems. Also, it was most likely the 1st time I have ever heard a compliment on my shoes from a “woman”! Usually I hear from the guys about my Jordans or set of athletic shoes, but not the girls. I must say, it was a welcoming change.

I still possess these girlie shoes, they are five years young and still wowing. When you treat your girlie shoes like Jordans, without the basketball playing, by storing them in the box and clean them after every wear, you posses them much longer.

I am always waiting for spring and summer when I can slip on my Athena Alexanders. They still make me feel like I am walking on the clouds and the laurels continue to fly.