Excellent iPhone-like Garmin GPS Navigation Gadgets In Stores Today

It is actually pretty clear that the fresh Garmin nuvi 3750 has its design influences from Apple’s massively well-known iPhone. It features a totally flat 4.3” capacitive touch screen, which is the earliest in every GPS gadget. The multi-touch glass display is encased in a handsome brushed metallic shell. It is very steadily built and also measures only 8.95mm (0.35″) thick. Through Twin alignment features you can use the nuvi 3750 either horizontally or vertically. This makes it truly convenient, allowing you to hold it in your hands like a mobile phone. It also fits properly in your pocket as well as handbag.


Having trafficTrends, the Garmin nuvi 3760T immediately discovers daytime tendencies for traffic flow to better your own routes and better foresee estimated time of arrival determined by time period of day and day of week. You get absolutely free revisions anytime you hook up your current product to myGarmin. The revolutionary capacitive touchscreen display screen helps make the nuvi 3760T perform just like an iPhone. You’ll be able to slide, pinch, as well as tap the screens with all your fingers, exactly like an iPhone.


The Garmin nuvi 3790T feels and looks just like an iPhone.The brand new voice activated navigation is an additional fantastic aspect which increases protection while travelling. Using its progressive speech recognition, you’ll command the GPS using your voice thus letting you maintain both of your hands on the wheel. To place the nuvi 3790T on navigation mode, just state a custom-made voice command and start speaking menu choices that will be visibly shown on the display. With its “Where Am I?” emergency locator, you always know where you are.