Finding a RefurbishedUsed Crane For Your Shop

Whether your business’ hoisting needs require a small or large portable frame hoist, there are more options for aquiring one than buying brand new from a manufacturer. Surprised? Don’t worry, you wouldn’t be the first business owner to be shocked by how many various types of hoisting equipment are available used. In fact, one of the most popular auction websites online is also one where you can find nice prices on used equipment. Yes, you guessed it, eBay has, among other things, used gantry cranes.

And believe it or not, they don’t just list smaller cranes ideal for loads of up to 3 tons. In fact, the largest and most impressive of the gantry cranes listed right now on eBay is a Mi-Jack 800C Travel Lift Mobile Gantry. Fully refurbished by the owner and capable of hoisting up to 90,000 pounds and can accommodate most ratchet hoists. This big boy is located in Chicago, and being offered by one of eBay’s top rated sellers. Who knew, right? And at a listing price of $450,000, it even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. Which is a steal when compared to what a brand new or custom built crane would cost.

Of course, not all businesses have lifting requirements that large! Also being sold by a top rated eBay seller from Ohio is a mobile Gantry Crane by Lift-Tech. This crane can handle up to 500 pounds, and at $394 plus freight shipping is more suitable for most small business’ lifting needs. Or, you can make this seller an offer, and pay even less. Which is one of the nice things about buying used gantry cranes from eBay sellers – sometimes you can get even better deals, if you are willing to negotiate prices with them.

What else does eBay offer in terms of small, large and industrial cranes, or even a portable crane? How about the Vestil Steel Gantry Crane, with an 8,000 pound lifting capacity and a 30 day money back guarantee. And like many cranes listed on eBay by savvy business owners looking to increase their sales, this one is brand new. So whether you want a new or used crane for your business, eBay just might have the crane you are looking for, at a price you can afford.