Google Search

Google, Google, Google that is all you ever seem to see on the Internet these days and there is a reason why. It has the largest directory of just about any and every site that can be found. Try it, go to a Google search history and see if there is something you cannot find! That is a tongue twister, sorry. (wink)

Google homepage is the search engine I use for everything. Forget about Yahoo! You have to pay for stuff with them while Google offers nearly everything for free. Want to build your own web site and don’t have any money? Google will give it to you for free. You may not have noticed it yet, but if you look in the upper right corner of your Google homepage depending on your computer settings, it will say “iGoogle” and “sign in”.

If you do not have an account, after clicking sign in you can register for a new account and then up where you signed in, click the “my account” button. From there you can set your profile up and at the bottom you should see a list of stuff to try. Want your own blogger account, get it there. Get webmaster tool, analytics, Gmail, sites, Picasa web photo album etc…

It basically has everything you could possibly need to either build your own web site, get in touch with other people with Talk (Google instant messenger) and even have online meetings with Google Docs… again it is all for free. I am a full on Googleholic! I get my news updates from CNN, weather alerts, Einstein quote of the day, Bible verse of the day, Things to ponder, current moon phases, a clock (lol) and Google translator. C’mon, I even get to customize the theme on my homepage. Right now I am using the “rainforest theme”.

Besides Google being the top search engine on any web browser, it also makes making money on the internet easy. Sign up for Google Adsense. From everything thing that I have tried Adsense actually pays and then they give you suggestions on how to make your web site better and get more traffic which translates to more money. They offer so much that it is hard to turn away.

Now personally, Google if you are reading this sorry, I am loyal but there are some things I think could be better. Like Gmail. I don’t really like Gmail and the instant messenger is weak because you can’t use a webcam. Other than that it is definitely the best search engine in the world and I don’t think I am exaggerating.

Before I switched to using iGoogle my internet use pretty much consisted of checking my mail and I don’t remember what I use to use as my search engine but I do know that my internet use has increased and I have even become my own webmaster and I did it all for free, well… accept for the stuff I would bump into that I found on the web that I couldn’t resist. Let’s face it… I think Google even put a tracker in my head because I think they know me better than I know myself. This is why Google is so successful.

Oh, and I just forgot to mention – you you’ll have to do a google account sign up to be able to do all of the above!