How to Decide On The Right LPN Program at the Right LPN School

The first step the aspiring LPN has to do is contact their state’s Board of Nursing to check if they are qualified to take the licensed practical nursing program. If they are qualified, they can then start looking for an LPN school that has a good program that they are satisfied with.

The LPN program usually takes a year or two to complete. The program consists of classroom studies and clinical practice, with the former being held in a regular classroom and the latter taking place in a hospital or other healthcare facility. The licensure exam is then taken after the student graduates. Once they pass this licensure exam, they can then apply for a nursing job.

When it comes to picking a school, the future nursing student has to make a decision whether they want to attend a campus-based school or take an online course from an online nursing school. Campus-based schools are the ones with a brick and mortar building and can be located in your town or a neighboring town. On the other hand, as the name suggests, online nursing schools are internet-based and offer LPN programs online via a website. You can start your classes anytime and anywhere you want as long as there is an internet connection and a computer available. Working students and people with a hectic schedule generally prefer these online nursing schools to brick-and-mortar ones to allow for a lot of flexibility. Price could also be a factor as these online programs can be a lot cheaper compared to going to a regular university.