How to Reinforce Business Security Situation

Aside from hiring highly experienced and skilled security guards from a reputable security guard recruitment agency, you have to implement other important security measures to strengthen the current condition of your existing business security. If you want to be reassured that your properties and your business as a whole are really secured, you have to do whatever it takes. Here are some great tips on how to significantly increase the security condition in your business.   


Instruct your deployed security guards to greet each one who goes in your business premises. Usually, personal contact can help discourage criminal activities. 


Post crime prevention and safety tips and guidelines on very obvious spots in and around your business premises. This simple way would not only educate your patrons but also allow potential criminals know that you are aware. This awareness can help deter criminal acts.     


If you own a safe, see to it that it is fireproof and securely anchored. Most thieves run away with the whole safe. Whenever an employee who has the safe’s combination leaves, change the combination immediately.


All public areas in and around your business premises are well-lit. Good lighting is one of the most powerful tools in deterring criminal activities.    


If possible, all man activities that take place within your business, particularly those that involve money handling, should be clearly seen from the street. For example, cash registers are best places near the front door; and instead of having concrete or wood walls, invest on glass walls or huge glass windows.


Have security measures placed at the proper places, such as lights, alarms, and security guards. These, when strategically positioned can be most effective. While some of these measures can be discreet, there must be some that are easily noticed. 


Use the three crime prevention ideas using environmental design – 1) natural surveillance, 2) natural access control, and 3) territorial reinforcement. Trees, shrubs, bushes and other plants should be trimmed so they won’t block entry points like doors and windows. Also, these when grown at the wrong place or when left untrimmed, can be a good hiding place for burglars.       


Know what you should do in case of an emergency. Be sure that fire exits and evacuation routes are clearly indicated. Initiate emergency drills like earthquake or fire drills. This is vital for employees to know the right procedure for such emergencies. See to it that there are good plans for different kinds of emergencies.