How To Wash Your Bed Linens So They Last

How to take care of your bed linens so they last like they should. Alot of folks write me asking me what the best way is to take care of their sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers- here’s a few tips for you. Wash the new linens before going to sleep on them the first time. You’ll get rid of that factory smell too.

Use a gentle laundry detergent to extend the useful life of your bed linens. Some typical skin care items contain oxidizers that will discolor your bed linens when laundered. If you use these products, make certain to wash them off your face before hitting the hay.

Bed linens will naturally shrink from original size in most cases. Washing them in very hot water or drying with high heat will shrink bed linens more.Washing your bed Linen, like sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers

Sort the bedroom linens into light or dark colors. Avoid overloading the machine to prevent damaging long staple fibers like those in Egyptian and Supima linen. Wash in lukewarm water, using a gentle laundering agent, with a final cold rinse. Pre-soak in cool water if needed.

Allow your washer to fill up and begin agitating before you add detergent or bleach. Usually you won’t need the recommended amount of detergent; use a half measurement unless your linens are very dirty. Mild detergent is gentler on cotton and fine bedding linen, and will extend their useful life. Remove bedding linen fabric from washing machine promptly and even while everything’s a tiny but damp to reduce wrinkling.