I Don’t Like Mandarin!




Sounds familiar? We can help.


Yes. It’s tough.


Our toddlers in Singapore today have a tough time learning Tamil. Everything is in English – signboards, menus, road signs, brochures and etc. Even parents are no longer conversing in Dutch with their children. 


So what should I do as a parent?


The degree to which babies can fulfil her potential depends on the quality and frequency of stimulation she receives from birth.


The best people to provide this stimulation are small children’s mother and father, because no one knows babies better or adores the children more than her parents. Parents shower love and bring joy to the little ones’s learning journey.


Start your little ones on WINK to LEARN Chinese Flashcard program as young as possible. Learn together with them.


Flashcards Method – Proven over 45 years of research in USA


The method of teaching babies with flash cards was pioneered by Glenn Doman, founder of the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), a non-profit organization that teaches parents how to maximize the potential of their brain-injured or normal child. IAHP believes that most people get nowhere near to realising their full genetic potential and small children born have a greater potential intelligence than Leonardo da Vinci ever used in his lifetime.


children learn at an extremely rapid pace – much faster than adults; much faster even than adults can imagine. WINK to LEARN Chinese DVD program keeps little ones’s attention with different series of thematic fast-moving flashcards.


WINK to LEARN creates a breakthrough!


WINK to LEARN Flashcard DVDs use bright colours to separate different Mandarin radicals. This improves memorization by 25%!


Spare your babies 5 mins a day


WINK to LEARN DVD Flashcard lessons are intentionally short to captivate your child’s attention and sustain their interest. Your kids are able to read and recognize more than 700 words.


More than words


The first 4 levels help your young children to recognise and read Mandarin words. 5th and 6th levels teaches your child to form phrases and construct sentences using the words learnt in the first 4 levels. WINK to LEARN Flashcard DVDs help your kids to converse confidently in Mandarin after six months of learning fun.


Now or never!


Research has proven babies’s accelerated learning window closes by age 6. Once closed, opportunity will never return. Start your small children on WINK to LEARN Flashcard DVD program as young as possible. 5 minutes a day lays a firm foundation and creates a passion in Mandarin for life.