Just Got Back From Impulse-Buying A Classic Ford Mustang

Well, I haven’t gotten to write on this weblog nearly as often as I might like, owing to the fact that I’ve been running around town with my Dad manage his incredibly wacky midlife crisis. True, I guess it’s not quite as nuts as it could possibly be. The thing is, what he did was he got all done up like he was Fonzie or something, and drop by to my apartment and casually inform me, in his jazziest tone of voice: “Get in, boy, we are going shopping for some classic Mustangs for sale. No joke, buddy, I’m going to get one of my own.”

Right then and there the two of us went out to all of those creepy vintage car showrooms that you’re mostly convinced are mob-run, and I see the old man made out a check within just a few minutes, for an extremely sparkly classic car. I have to admit, it’s quite item. It made some great noise too.

Notice that I phrased about that sound in a past tense. It sounded perfect for a short time, at which point it totally broke down. Dad maintains that it’s a really quick fix and all he needs is the right part. I’m thinking, it can’t possibly be as painless to pick up 1968 Mustang parts as it was over three decades years ago, but Dad swears there’s a really sizable availability for them to this day. As far as my Dad tells me the surest way to get you parts for 1968 Mustangs is via online auctions, since you can find them rebuilt and often as good as they were 30 years ago. They’re only sometimes super-cheap, though… Come on, man, we’re talking about 30-year-old Ford Mustang parts.

Not the worst midlife crisis ever, I guess. He might have decided to buy a volkswagen bus.