Making Money on the Back End of Your Membership Site

As your membership site grows, or maybe even before it really gets started, you’ll probably be wondering how you can make even more money with it. The truth is that now you have a great set of buyers. They know you, trust you, and like the content you’re offering. That means you can definitely make more money for your efforts!

You want to make sure you take great care in how you go about this. People don’t like feeling like they are just there to make you money or that you are trying to pitch to them all the time. However, if you go about this the right way, you can make a lot more money, and leave your members feeling like they’re getting great bargains. They won’t be able to wait to see what you come out with next!

One of the simplest ways you can make money on the backend is to include some affiliate links. Once again, you do not want to overdo this. However, if you recommend products or services, and you would have done so regardless of your commission, your affiliate links have a great role in helping you make more money from your membership site.

Another thing you can do is offer an upsell to the membership site. If they are getting more general content, you can create an advanced section as well –but they will pay a little bit more each month! This might be special content, or even a different format of content that they can be upsold to.

A very popular option is to add coaching. You can coach on Skype, or even keep in contact via e-mail. Basically, you make yourself available for a set fee you determine in advance. Your members who take this option will be able to contact you to get further information or answers to their questions. People like feeling like they have someone to turn to help them solve their problems, so this is a great way to make more money and to help your members achieve their goals at the same time.

Another thing you can do is have your members graduate from one course to another. This works well for set time memberships where the content will eventually run out. If you sell people on another section of the niche topic, or an advanced section, you can keep these same members on so they’ll be customers of yours time and time again.

Thinking about making money on the back end via membership programs is something every smart marketer does. Think about whether these options make sense for you, so you can get started making more money as soon as you are ready!