Online Homeschoolers Can Have Fun Offline with Kid’s Party Games

There are a lot of offline homeschooling activities and games that you can do with your child to help them learn. Supplementing online homeschooling with offline kid’s games makes a good combination learning atmosphere for homeschooled kids.

When it comes to parties, various holidays and special events, like birthday parties for your kids, lend themselves to activity planning. Kids party games can be both fun and educational.

Check out this fun kid’s party game called Washing Machine Hoops. Obviously this game is played wherever the washing machine is located.

Items You Need: Front load washing machines or standard top load washing machines, pile of sorted laundry (probably best if it is not personal items)

How to Play: Separate your party guests into teams. The object of the game is to get the most baskets using the washing machine as a hoop. Set a fair distance from the “hoop” where the players must shoot from.  This is a timed event. Beginning with the first team, start the clock and yell “go” for the first team member.  Each player grabs a piece of clothing from the laundry basket, balls it up, and shoots it like a basketball into the washing machine. They rotate through all the players on the team as many times as they can in the allotted time. Count the number of baskets made and then empty the laundry back to the hamper for the next team. Once all teams have completed the game, whoever has the most baskets, wins!

This game is exciting with both top load washing machines and front load washing machines. Front load washing machines require more of an underhand pitching motion to land in the “hoop.”