Start Planning Your Retirement Now

Getting withered doesn’t just happen because you are retired. It happens because you allowed the retirement to get into your mind. Big mistake. Tell the next generation not to emulate you. It may seem like just a physical thing, but it begins from the inside and eats you all the way out. Retirement is a phase of life, not the end of it. Never forget that.

Running shoes might help to make your retirement a bit sunnier. Put them on each morning, and in the evenings also, if you care. Run just a mile each time, and your health with stay in check.

There are loads of things you can do in retirement that could keep the senility away for longer. You simply have to look around you, and something will come to you. The crime is in not looking at all.

The world needs its senior citizens to fill in the spaces of advisors. Not necessarily in a political capacity, just being there for the younger generation. Retirement is the time that you should make that happen. No other time will suffice.

Tip for younger folk : etf investing is today one of the most exciting investement oppertunities for your retirement investing.

There may be no need to go out at all on some days, but you should do it still. You could decide just then to take a walk down to the lake, or to see an old friend. In retirement, you really don’t want to leave a single day unaccounted for. It doesn’t tell well on your mind or on your body.