Mobile Home Insurance Coverage

Mobile home insurance coverage can include a wide range of different elements. The three most common forms of mobile home insurance coverage include physical damage, named peril damage and liability coverage. Please note that the types of things included in different mobile home insurance coverage differs between insurance companies, so do not assume that simply because one insurance company will pay out the full cost of replacement for your mobile home and contents in the event a tree falls on it, that another one will. The second company may only pay out for the costs of damage to the mobile home itself and not the contents.

Physical damage, in relation to mobile home insurance coverage usually includes the cost of damage to the outside of the mobile home and the contents, but as noted above do not assume this is the case – ask your insurance company for clarification first. The second thing you should know about physical damage claims, is that many mobile home insurance coverage only extends to a specified amount; in most cases either above $50,000 or below $50,000. Note too, that in some cases this amount does not just apply to the mobile home itself, but your contents too, so make sure you set a coverage amount that allows you to replace what you have lost.

A second and separate part of mobile home insurance coverage is the concept of named perils. Named perils are special specific coverage’s against a particular event or situation. For example, you might get named peril coverage against damage from earthquakes; or from vandalism; or for damage to your mobile home motor. It is really important to remember that in named peril situations there are very specific conditions that have to apply before you get paid out, so make sure you check the fine print on your coverage before you buy one.

Liability coverage is where you are protected against costs that could be incurred by you in the event that a person or property becomes damaged as a result of an interaction with your mobile home. For example, if you have a person visit your mobile home and they get hurt, your general mobile home insurance coverage may not protect you against the costs involved in that person suing you for damages. Likewise if your mobile home hits another car, while the physical damage claim may be paid by your mobile home insurance coverage, being sued for emotional trauma by the person who was inside the car might not be. So it is vitally important that you ensure that your mobile home insurance coverage is as comprehensive as you can afford.

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